Indonesian Beautiful Bird Species in Bali Safari Park

Indonesian Beautiful Bird Species in Bali Safari Park 1

Indonesia has a variety of beautiful bird species that are famous for the beauty of their feathers. Birds found in Indonesia have evolved, which can live in tropical climates and Southeast Asian regions. You can watch various beautiful Indonesian birds in Bali Safari Park.

Many other animals are in Bali Safari and Marine Park. You can find various species of endangered animals and animals that are almost extinct. Bali Safari Park is indeed focused on the conservation of various species of animals, and also for various species of beautiful hairy birds.

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Here are various beautiful Indonesian birds that you can find in Bali Safari Park:

1. Cendrawasih “Bird of Paradise”


Cendrawasih has a body length of thirteen inches with a long beak and strong legs. Cendrawasih is known for the beauty of its feathers that extends from the beak to the wings and head. Cendrawasih has different feather colors throughout the body, namely; yellow, red, blue and green.

The beauty of this feather is found in male species of Cendrawasih, while female cendrawasih has a feather color that tends to dull. The condition of the feathers on the female Cendrawasih aims to protect their eggs. The majority of male bird of paradise are polygamous, which is mating with many female birds of paradise.

However, there are a number of male Cendrawasih who have a lifelong affinity with their partners. When male Cendrawasih monogamy, the feathers will come in a dull color as in the female feathers of the Bird of Paradise.

2. Peacock

Indonesian Beautiful Bird Species in Bali Safari Park 2

Indonesian peacock has a large body size with colorful feathers, one species of peacock is Green Peafowl, an Indonesian native bird that lives on Java. The male Green Peafowl appearance and the female Green Peafowl are different.

Male peafowl has a bright emerald green with a combination of blue on the head and neck, while the female Peafowl has a dull green combination of gray. Male Peacock can reach up to three meters, while female Peacock only reaches one meter. Peacock eggs are pale yellow and need 28 days to hatch.

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3. Bali Starling “Bali Mynah”

Indonesian Beautiful Bird Species in Bali Safari Park 3
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Bali Starling is an indigenous Balinese bird that is endangered. Beginning was found in the Curik area, the northwestern part of the island of Bali. This unique bird species can be easily identified by looking at the appearance of white feathers and blue marks on the eyes. The wing tip is black with a striking feather color at the top of the head.

Male and female Bali Starling has a similar appearance, but the body size of male Bali Starling is slightly larger than that of female Bali Starling. Bali Starling has Bali Mynah or Rothchild’s Mynah. This naming was given as a tribute to a British bird expert named Walter Rothschild. The Bali Starling species is currently limited in its population due to loss of natural habitat and poaching.

4. Cockatoo

Cockatoo has many species, including; Cockatoo Sulfur sulfur or commonly known as Cacatua Galleria which has a characteristic bright yellow crest on the head. Kaktua has a beautiful decorative headdress. This crested cockatoo has an important function to communicate with each other. These crested cockatoos are sometimes lowered or raised.

Cockatoo is in a calm state when lowering its crest, while when Cockatoo raises its crest, the kakatua is trying to show its physical prowess. Cockatoo lifting crest also means being in fear or surprise. Cockatoo has a diet of a mixture of fruits, grains, roots, and nuts. Cockatoos like biting leaves and tree branches when they don’t consume food.

You can meet various species of this beautiful Indonesian bird by visiting Bali Safari Park. You can also see other animal species. You can see various endangered species of animals. You can also see various animal shows, including; Elephant Show, Tiger Show, and other types of performances. Each show aims to provide education for the audience.

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