Come To Interact With Native Animals of Indonesia in Bali Safari Park

Come To Interact With Native Animals of Indonesia in Bali Safari Park 1

Indonesia has many residential areas for wildlife. Most of the wildlife is even native Indonesian animals. Then, are you curious for these native animals? Let’s have a look this following animals.

Komodo Dragon

Come To Interact With Native Animals of Indonesia in Bali Safari Park 2

This is a giant lizard that live in Indonesia. They come from Komodo island, Rinca island, and Padar island in Flores. You can see dozens of dragons creeping wild in Komodo National Park in Flores. Some of them are also living wild in Bali Safari Park and Marine Park Gianyar. Komodo dragons are dangerous predators that have sharp teeth, claws, dashing bodies, and deadly venom from its saliva to sustain life from the enemy attacks.

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Black Apes

The whole body of black ape is almost entirely black. Only the arms that have silvery lines and reddish brown eyes. This animal comes from Sulawesi island. Many of them live in northern Sulawesi and some of surrounding islands. This ape is also known as crested black Macaca or Sulawesi crested ape. The name was pinned to this creature because he has a crest on the top of his head. Black apes are high social animals that live in groups. One group consists of 5 to 25 individuals.

Bali Starling

Come To Interact With Native Animals of Indonesia in Bali Safari Park 3
Bird Aviary

This is an iconic bird from Bali. The feathers are pure white with striking feathers over the head and blue marks around its eyes. Bali starling is often found in the northwest of Bali island. Meanwhile, in South Bali we can find Bali starling at Bali Starling Aviary in Bali Safari Park. This is a great conservation place for Bali starling.

Sumatran Tigers

Indonesia ever had three tiger species. They are Bali tigers, Java tigers, and Sumatran tigers. The Bali tigers became extinct in the 1930s. Then, about 40 years later the Java tigers also became extinct. Now, fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers live in wildlife. Sumatran tigers survive against deforestation, poaching, and human-tiger conflict.  Human often disrupt the habitat of Sumatran tigers. They do some illegal logging, clearing forest land for housing ir factories, and other harmful purposes. This certainly will have a bad impact on the tigers population.

Most tigers live as nocturnal animals. They have very good vision and attack predators at night. Whether it’s leopard, warthogs, antelope, deer, buffaloes, pythons, or monkey. They are also very good swimmers and are known to kill prey like crocodile while swimming. All tigers are carnivores that will never eat surrounding plants. However, tigers will eat plant-eaters like rabbits.

Here in Bali Safari Park you will be able to meet the Sumatran tigers on night safari tour. Don’t worry, this trip is safe as you will be placed in a specially designed tram. This tram will protect you from the grip of this big cat.

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This great ape with reddish long arms lives in Indonesia’s tropical forests in the islands of Borneo and Sumatera. Unfortunately, the number of orangutans in wildlife has been decreasing recently. Orangutans are threatened with extinction due to massive deforestation for oil palm plantations. There are also groups of humans who make orangutans as part of circus shows.

Orangutans are friendly, can interact with humans, and adorable. They can swing from one tree branch to another. They can also hang upside down from a branch for a long time to pick up fruit and eat young leaves. You can see this pleasant atmosphere in Bali Safari and Marine Park. You can also interact with orangutans in the warmly open air.

If you wanna know more about our native animals, do visit our website . On the next holiday, please do visit Bali Safari and Marine Park to feel the truly warm atmosphere with hundreds of our animals.