Bali Safari Park Jungle Hopper Package with Private Transfer 2019-2020

Bali Safari Park Jungle Hopper Package with Private Transfer 2019-2020 1

The Highlight of  Bali Safari Park Jungle Hopper Package at Bali Safari and Marine Park 

  • FRESH WATER: Meet the ferocious Fresh Water Aquarium Piranhas. An aquarium with many fish collections from Indonesia, South America and Africa, open space design.
  • SAFARI JOURNEY: A safari journey through Indonesia, India and Africa will take you to the rich nature nearby on a Special Tram Bus.
  • ANIMAL SHOW: The show is fun but it’s also very informative. The Safari Ranger shares stories and fun facts that help to improve wildlife understanding. Beginning with the’ domesticated’ animals, as the Safari Ranger says, a flowering animal like that will join it and her on stage: scurry of guinea pigs, rush past dogs, slip and climb cats. Naturally, snakes also go to the show. There is a paradise between two enormous pythons, some visitors are shy away from the sloppy reptiles but the children are very interesting. Then the mammals take the stage; perhaps they’re two from the four lovely and very clever orangutans who steal the entire show.
  • HARIMAU/TIGER SHOW: the disappearing tiger population of a compelling storey world. Opening with a large – forming pageant on the role of tigers in Balinese history and mythology, show the ability to play, hunt, climb and swim with these big cats.
  • ELEPHANT SHOW : Gentle giants want an elephant educational show to connect and tell their story. Sumatran Elephants Park offers inspirational performances which show the importance of maintaining harmony between nature and humanity.
  • BALI AGUNG SHOW: Timeless journey through magical theater performance, highlights Bali’s rich culture.
  • WATER PARK, Get wet and wild with children in the park, enjoy the slide, and spend the day at the kids ‘ pool.

Welcome to Bali Safari and Marine Park where the wilderness awaits.

The Bali Safari Park  Marine Park are one of the tourist attractions that become a favorite  destination for domestic and international tourists. Visits can be done half a day or one full day according on  your time.

Jungle Hopper: Most Popular Package

One of the famous and basic package for foreigner tourist is ticket Jungle Hopper package.

This tourist attraction is located on Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra Gianyar Bali which can be traveled with approximately 1 hour trip from Kuta, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Seminyak.

Bali Safari park Jungle Hopper package with return transfers private car from your hotel or you may come to our location with your own taxi driver, if you just need the ticket only, please book in advance and pay online, then you only needs  show the voucher or the booking number once arrive at our counter ticket location.

The collection of animals inside consists of many types and comes from different species. A glimpse of information about animals in Safari Parks from 3 countries, namely Indonesia animal, India and Africa, there are about 60 species from three hundred Indonesian animals such as White Starlings, Tapirs, Deer Pigs, tiger of Sumatra, Sumatran Elephants, Owls and other animals.

For animals from India, we have Spotted Deer, Bears, Nilgai. Our collection from Africa has Hippopotamus, Wilder beast / Wild Beef, Ostrich / Camel, Lion of the Forest King, Giraffe, Zebra, Watusse / Africa Cow red, camel, mountain goat, rhinoceros, zebra three colors.

And of course your trip to see all the animal collection become very memorable adventure, for Bali Safari journey will be delivered by using a special bus or Tram.

Where tourists will sit in the air conditioned bus and guided by a Ranger who will give an explanation of the animals that we see, ranging from start from names, origin, habits and others, its a tour and at the same time educating visitors about animals that we must care about.

Its really the Biggest spot to see the wild and some tame creatures in Bali.  You have to come to Bali Safari Marine Park and be the witness.

From Several Bali Safari packages that we offers, here will  more details about the  ticket Bali Safari park Jungle Hopper package, this package can be visited from morning to evening.

At least almost a day will be spend completing this ticket Jungle Hopper package, but you will have a story separately and of course you may share with relatives / friends  after visiting Bali Safari Park.

If you want take combination Bali Safari park Jungle Hopper package with other tour or other activities, we should left Bali Safari Marine park earlier.

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We reviewed one of the packages, namely “Jungle Hopper Packages Bali Safari

Welcome to the island of Bali, and welcome to Bali Safari & Marine Park by joining our program today, ticket Bali Safari park Jungle Hopper package.

For those of you who are on vacation on the island of Bali, we offer you to come to Bali Safari, which is located on Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar regency, where travelers can come by their own vehicle with a distance of about 1 hour from Kuta as the center of Bali’s barometer of its tourism in Bali.

When you arrive at Bali Safari we offer a number of slightly different packages according to your taste and budget for each visitor with a discounted price from us as a ticket seller agent, one of the packages is the Bali Jungle Hopper package.

What is Jungle Hopper Package Ticket?

This is one of the most favorite package from Bali Safari & Marine Park, Spend your day with your beloved only at Park of Bali Safari.

Opening hours 09: 00-17: 00.

For visitors is recommended to come  around 09.00 so you can watch all the shows schedule at Safari Bali & Marine park.

This package is intended for Foreigner tourists with the condition:  the ticket can be booked in advance and pay by online or the payment can be done when arriving at the safari counter by showing the booking code from us.

If you book the ticket Jungle Hopper package in advance booking, but you not able doing online payment, you may  settle payment at Bali Safari counter ticket.

The Counter ticket is located on the  left corner with a sign : UNPAID RESERVATION, where your unpaid ticket Jungle Hopper package can pay here, by showing the BOOKING CODE.

For those who have booked and paid by ONLINE , the ticket can be taken at the PAID RESERVATION counter by showing the booking code from us, its located on number 2 counter ticket from the left side.

So let’s buy Bali safari and marine park tickets through us and get special prices for the most wanted ticket Jungle Hopper package with your friend and all Family.

The jungle hopper package at Bali safari and marine park with return transfers is available with some benefit, please check it out here 👉 Click for EXTRA Benefits 🙂

When visitors get wristband Jungle Hopper package ticket tied in your hand , then you will immediately enter the front checking post luggage, where  will be checked by our officers, for food and drinks forbidden to bring inside during a visit to Bali safari park, but for baby needslike milk and food can bring inside.

After passing the check post, visitors will wait for the tram or bus at the Main terminal, when the bus arrives they will be invited to enter the bus by our staff … then bus will glide to the Bali Terminal where it’s  take 3 minutes drive by the Tram, then you need shortly walk to Barong Lobby.

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After arriving at the Barong lobby, visitors will come down and walk, next to the entrance there is a wheelchair and baby carriage rental facility with a rental price of around 150,000, for those who bring own wheelchairs and baby strollers, can bring in without charge.

In this area there is a crocodile cage, visitors can take photos of the crocodiles which are located directly below the lobby, there is also a leopard or leopard enclosure where guests can watch the leopard tiger sleeping during the day, if you want to take a photo, please splash off.

jungle hopper package at bali safari marine park
Fresh water aquarium

Piranha Feeding

This collection is located at the right side of the Main Lobby Barong. The Piranha feeding is done every day with below time schedule:

  • First schedule:  10.00-10.10
  • Second schedule:16.00-16.10

The Piranha feeding is one of the interesting attraction which is can be seen by all visitors include for those who has ticket jungle hopper package wristband.

More Facilities & Activities

From Barong’s lobby, visitors need walk short  towards to Kampung Bali, in this area we have Bale Banjar on the right side where some dances activities practice, there is also a Balinese market where you can buy souvenirs and typical safari souvenirs.

atm cash machine at bali safari marine park with jungle hopper package
ATM cash Machine at Kampung Bali

ATM cash machine  are also available for visitors who want to withdraw cash.
CLINIC also available around Kampung Bali which can be the first aids fro those who need  treatment.

uma restaurant jungle hopper package
Uma restaurant

On the east or right side, we have a Uma restaurant that can accommodate hundreds of tourists visitor of  Bali Safari Marine park, visitors can order food and drinks to taste with cashless systems.

Please come to the Bali Safari customer services for information and cashless systems. Food available such as Indonesian food, Italian, Indian can be arranged for group booking and eat other mixed foods are available too.

Before entering the Hanoman stage area, visitors can also take photos with the Orang Utan collection. Besides that there is also a Photo with Birds at Banyan court, visitors who book and has Jungle Hopper package ticket may joined on this photo session.

For the Photo schedule, please find below:

10.00 – 12.00: Photo schedule with the Orang Utan
13.00 – 14.00: Schedule Photo with Birds

There is also an attraction for Croc Attack or Crocodile Collection in the Banyan court area, which is the main attraction of this area, namely the existing Crocodile feeding every day with the following schedule:


Jungle Hopper package will see the Croc attack
Croc Attack

Croc Feeding:
First time : 12.00 -12.10
Second time : 16.30-16.10

Well for those who already have Bali Safari and Marine Park tickets, we continue the tour, with a short walk to the Hanoman stage area, here will be held an Animal Show or animal show, the schedule is brought here:

Jungle hopper package ticket with Animal Show
Animal Show at Hanoman Stage Bali Safari Marine park

Animal Show time:

  • The first show is held at: 10.30-10.50
  • The second show is held at 16.00-16.20

For the show schedule it can change or be delayed according to the animal’s condition and also the weather factor is also influential.

Jungle Hopper ticket with  the animal show will include animals such as the Orang Utan, Bird, Binturong, cats, rate, snake,  and other animals. Visitors or spectators will be guided by our team during the show, where later this show will be an educational material which is certainly expected to be useful for loyal visitors of the Bali Safari marine  Park.

There are also Bird Aviary Breeding in the form of Bali starlings and some other types of birds, where tourists from Bali Safari Park can enter this area and see and listen to the birds and can also take photos with their own cameras.

Near Hanoman stage there is also a food corner that provides local snacks and drinks, for those interested, please visit our food corner.

food corner at hanoman stage bali safari marine park
Food Corner at Hanoman Stage

Other attractions that are located near Hanoman stage are places to watch elephant baths and at the same time for visitors who are interested in feeding elephant can too.

Elephant food basket is available here with extra costs, each visitor who is interested in being involved in this attraction please prepare your cash for the food. As for the Elephant bathing schedule and feeding below:

10.00-11.00 & 15.00-16.00.

Tiger Show

Well from here, we will continue the next attraction by walking to the Amphitheater  of Tiger, where the visitors of Bali Safari will be presented with another animal show, which is the Tiger Show on a once-a-day schedule, the hours listed below:

tiger show included on jungle hopper package ticket promo
Tiger show at Bali Safari Marine Park

Tiger show schedule: 1x show 11.15-11.35

(For schedule shows, there may be changes or delays according to the condition of the animal / weather and other factors that can affect the show).

During the show, our guide will guide the event and at the same time provide education about the Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia. If linked to the trust of the Balinese people, Tiger also has a special story in accordance with the guidelines of local bilieve.

jungle hopper package promo ticket includes see the elephant show at bali safari marine park
Elephant Show at Bali Safari Marine Park

Elephant Show

After we saw the Tiger show, the visitors had the opportunity to watch the third show and was the most interesting show, namely the Elephant Show or Gajah show. And before the elephant show begins, we still have a little time to visit and run to other animal collections, such as:

The Komodo collection, which is very famous for its natural habitat in eastern Indonesia, here we can see some Komodo inside the cage by walking around it.

The schedule Komodo feeding, every Monday, starting at 14.00-14.30

Binturong Collection.

The tourists can get even closer in Binturong enclosure and can also take pictures with the schedule at: 10.00-12.00 & 14.00-15.30. please prepare your camera or cellphone so you can capture photos with our Binturong, please plash the camera off when you take a photo

Ranthambore collection

In Ranthambore, tourists can see the white tiger outside the special glass, besides this tiger inside the Ranthambore building, we can also see a collection of phyton snakes, owls and other collections. Besides that, for visitors who are interested in feeding tiger / white tiger feeding, they can register on customer services, there is little cost to be able to feed, the price is asked when on location.

Schedule to provide white tiger feeding:

12.30-12.40 /16.00-16.10

The most interesting show to watch is the Elephant show or Gajah Show which is held every day located in Kampung Gajah. In this show, we will be treated to a performance and a media to educate how the habitat of the Sumatran Elephant is shrinking with deforestation for farmland.

Which resulted in a conflict between Elephants and humans, here we are taught to always be able to maintain their habitat so that it is always sustainable and later our children and grandchildren can still see Elephants in their natural habitat.

This show will also be guided by our guide, the show schedule below:

Gajah Show I: 12.00 -12.30
Gajah Show II: 16.30-16.50

After the Elephant show we can walk and enter the Petting Zoo area, the location is quite close to Kampung Gajah, with a short walk we arrive at the Petting area, where visitors can feed animals with a little extra for food purchases. The animals we can feed include sheep, deer, goats, pony horses, rabbits, chickens, hamsters, cockatoos, geese, ducks and fish.

How interesting this jungle hopper ticket package to be joined, once you in Bali should spare your day time to visit Bali Safari Marine Park.

From here we can go to the Toraja terminal to join the Safari Journey or for those want to have lunch, please arrange according your time please, lunch is not included on the package ticket jungle hopper.

Tram Bus for Safari Journey

For those who want to have lunch, there are various types of food available at Uma Restaurant with choices such as Indonesian, Italian and Indian food. Or at some point there is also a small food corner with light menu that can be ordered easily.

Safari Journey

After lunch, we will join the most famous program as the Bali Safari Journey highlight, what is that?

Get ready for your adventure to see the collection of animals at  Bali Safari & Marine park by riding a Special BUS / TRAM.

“Welcome to the Bali Safari Journey”

The trip will start from the Toraja Terminal, where ticket Jungle Hopper holders will queue at the queue line counter,  the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

safari jouney with ticket jungle hopper package
Safari Journey

In 1 bus / tram can accommodate 25 people, guided by our Ranger who will explain the information about  the animals that we will see in each zone.

This bus will wander at 10 minute intervals, another bus will come to take the same trip. The safari journey schedule starts from morning to evening.

jungle hopper package ticket
Safari Journey with Tram Bus.

Safari Journey Start at 09.15-17.15

The sequence of tours for safari Journey starts from:

Java / Indonesia Satwa, we have a Collection:

  • Owl
  • Hog deer
  • Small cattle / Anoa sulawesi
  • Crocodile area.
  • Sumatran Elephant
  • Bali Cattle
  • Mouse Deer
  • Tapir

Borneo Satwa, We have a collection:

  • Orangutan
  • Monkey
  • Lutung
  • Honey Bear

And buses enter Sumatran predators:

We have a Sumatran tiger placed in the Special area, the bus will rotate so that visitors can take a closer look and take photos, remember without flash for shooting.

India Animals, we have;

  • Leopard
  • Menjangan

And the collection of African animals, we have:

  • Hippopotamus
  • Wild cows
  • Ostrich
  • The Lion of the Forest King
  • Giraffe
  • Zebra
  • Africa red cows
  • Camel
  • Great apes
  • Mountain Goat
  • Rhino
  • Three color zebra

For Safari Legend ticket holders, you have extra value where your ticket also gets the Bali Agung Show facility and  water park.

water park for jungle hopper package ticket holder
Water Park at Bali Safari Marine park

Please prepare towels, soap, shampoo.

After the safari journey. You will have one spectacular performance, the Bali Agung Show which is held from Tuesday-Sunday.

Show schedule from 14.30-15.30

The story of this show is taken from the Balinese folklore about Raja Sri Jaya Pangus with Chiner Princess of  Kancing Wi. In this Show will also involve animals such as elephants, Pony, birds, ducks and others. This appointment is very good for art lovers.

When entering Bali Theater, all visitors were not allowed to bring cellphone, camera and other electronic devices, we prepared a safe luggage storage place during the show. After the event is over for those who want to take pictures with the dancers, please queue in front of the exit. we have a special spot for photos.

The final part and you can spend your time until 5pm in the water park, in this area there are some swimming pools for children and adults, there are also water slides and some chairs, locker and towel is available with extra cost.

Just come to water park and show your ticket Jungle Hopper package to free enter and swimming at the water park.

For those who love see the wild in the night, we presenting night safari program> read more

We do hope you enjoy your day  at Bali Safari Marine park with your  Jungle hopper  package promo ticket.

Other ticket activities which can be order through us such as:

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