Get To Know More About The Hippopotamus in Bali Safari Park

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The word ‘hippopotamus’ comes from ancient Greek which means ‘river horse’. No wonder if this term is pinned to it as hippo likes to stand and walk in the river all day with only his nostrils peek out.

His half of body submerges beneath the water just looks like a shiny black stone. He always does this to protect his skin from the ray of sunlight. Sometimes hippo falls asleep in the middle of soaking. Water will not be disruption in his sleeping because hippo has the ability to cover nostrils and ears. Moreover, hippo can hold his breath for 7 minutes. Then, he comes out again to the surface to get oxygen.

Do you feel like a hippo resembles us in the hot day? A long soak in the water is obviously soothing, right?

So, here are some unique characteristics of hippo you should know before going to Bali Safari Park.

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Get To Know More About The Hippopotamus in Bali Safari Park 1

When Beneath The Water

Hippos adapt well to their aquatic life. They are lingering in the water, especially during the day for the purpose of cooling their bodies. That’s why many groups of hippos commonly live near the rivers, lakes, or mangrove swamps. It is easier for them to soak their bodies every time they feel hot.

Since they can soak all day in the water, they often feel drowsy and then they fall asleep not long after that. When sleeping, some organs of the body immediately coordinate in maintaining the rhythm of sleep with half-submerged body in the water. The ears and nostrils are the two organs in the head. Both organs have the ability to close tight so that water cannot enter.

When hippo in the water, people always think that hippo is very skilled at swimming and it is his true habitat he lives in. In fact, hippo only does body immersion or walk casually and kick using his hind leg.

Hippo Habits

You certainly know how wide the mouth of hippopotamus is. When hippo opens his mouth, the width can even contain two adult men’ heads or three kids’ heads. Have you seen how the keeper feed hippo on TV broadcasts? The keeper often throw a big watermelon, including the skin, to hippo’s mouth. Hippo will immediately devour it by destroying piece by piece of the whole fruit haphazardly.

When in calm state, hippo often looks yawning. This doesn’t mean he is sleepy. His yawning means that he marks his territory and he warns you all. The hippo also do ‘honking’ and making his distinctive horn sound.

Another habit of hippo is out of his immersion area after a day of wallowing. Hippo usually comes out of the water at dusk or night. It is often considered by people that hippos live in two realms. Hippo will be on land for more than 4 hours to graze. The grazing area can even be 10 kilometers from the starting point. His muscular lips help him in this grazing activity. Of course, you can see the sexiness of hippo lips, right?

Hippo Alertness

This third largest mammal after elephant and white rhinoceros can protect itself. He can protect himself from the hot sun and bad weather as well as from enemies around.

To protect themselves from the sun, hippo emits oily red substances that for some people might assume as sweating blood. This red oil can be the moisturizers, sunscreens, and protection from any germs. Well, hippo just resembles human in protecting skin, isn’t it?

The wild animals that have a life span of up to 40 years are very aggressive and territorial. They will attack using sharp canines to protect themselves from enemies. Sor this reason, hippo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. There are not many enemies who can approach the hippo because they live in a herd of more than 20 individuals. Each group will be led by dominant male hippo.

Now, the hippopotamus is threatened with extinction. They are hunted a lot for meat, oil, and sharp canines. Get to know some more information about preservation of hippopotamus in Bali Safari Park today.

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