See and Learn About Komodo Dragon The “Giant Lizard” at Bali Safari Park

Komodo Dragon

What do you imagine when you hear the word Komodo Dragon? Giant lizards or Komodo Dragons are unique animals in the Flores, Indonesia Komodo National Park. Animals that have the Latin name Varanus komodoensis are indeed included in the species of lizards that are also found on the Indonesian islands, namely Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Gili Motang Island.

This largest lizard species can grow to a maximum length of 3 meters or 10 feet, even in some rare cases the weight can reach 70 kilograms or 150 lb. In one study showed that the size of the Komodo dragon was better understood as a representation of a very large population of Varanus komodoensis lizards and had lived on islands in Indonesia and Australia.

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This giant lizard dominates where they live. These carnivorous animals hunt prey, among others; birds, mammals, and including invertebrate animals. Komodo Dragon has venomous bites in the form of two glands in the lower jaw. This area can release toxic proteins, in the form of anticoagulant-producing glands.

One bite from Komodo Dragon can make its prey helpless in just minutes. Even though prey can escape the jaws of the Komodo Dragon, poison because the bite will spread through the bloodstream quickly which can prevent clots and can trigger shock.

Komodo Dragon is indeed the heaviest lizard species that lives on earth. Komodo Dragon does have a “giant” body weight and length, but they can run very fast, up to 20 km per hour. Komodo Dragon is also a great swimmer and climber. This ability makes prey from Komodo Dragon difficult to escape. Komodo Dragon can follow its prey for miles away before it is disabled.

Komodo Dragon will do a “party” to prey upon seeing anything that moves, including humans. When the Komodo Dragon is full and feels its stomach full of food, then they will look tame, lazy, and seem slow. Even though their condition is looking relaxed, don’t let them feel cheated by their appearance.

Komodo Dragon also has thick scaly skin complete with sharp claws and a strong tail to drop their prey. The biggest prey of Komodo Dragon is Timor Deer, although sometimes the Komodo Dragon also eats carcasses. Komodo Dragon also eats pigs, chickens, buffaloes and anything that crosses it.

Komodo dragons sometimes do not actually hunt, usually they only stay and hide until the prey passes. When the prey passes by, then that’s when they will appear and attack. The Komodo Dragon will pull all pieces of meat from its prey with its teeth and very strong neck muscles.

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See and Learn About Komodo Dragon The "Giant Lizard" at Bali Safari Park 1

Existence of Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon can live to reach the age of fifty. The way to be able to identify the age of Komodo Dragon is to count the number of yellow dots near his eyes. Female Komodo Dragons will lay eggs and the Komodo Dragon babies will live in trees to avoid other predators.

You can see the existence of Komodo Dragon on Komodo and Flores, but you can also see it in the Bali Safari Park in Bali. You can see these giant lizard species at close range, but still feel safe. Enjoy a fun holiday and enrich your knowledge of extraordinary animals. Bali Safari Park is a conservation park that is also home to a variety of endangered species in the world.

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