Learn Interesting Facts about Crocodiles at Bali Safari Park

Learn Interesting Facts about Crocodiles at Bali Safari Park 1

Bali Safari and Marine Park or also known as Bali Safari Park III is located in three villages within the Gianyar Regency area. The three villages include; Medahan Village, Lebih Village, and Serongga Village. Bali Safari Park is located 17 kilometers from Denpasar City and has an area of ​​up to 40 hectares.

Visitors must purchase an entrance ticket to explore the Bali Safari park area. You can choose various ticket packages provided by the park, including; Jungle Hopper, Dragon package, Night Safari, etc. Each package has a different price. Make sure you have searched for complete information first before visiting Bali Safari Marine Park.

You also have to prepare various needs that are needed while on vacation. Make sure you use casual clothes with luggage that is not too heavy. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture every best moment while on vacation at Bali Safari Park.

You will see various species of animals that are rare in Bali Safari Park. You can even see some species of animals that are almost extinct because of their threatened natural populations. One of the animals that you can see in Bali Safari Park is Crocodile. This animal has many very interesting facts.

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Interesting Facts About Crocodiles

Interesting facts about reptiles are as follows:

  1. Crocodile is the oldest reptile animal on Earth. Crocodile first appeared together with the existence of Dinosaurs.
  2. Crocodiles have very strong bites. The muscles of a strong crocodile jaw can move the jaw and give one bite that is very sharp and strong. When the crocodile’s jaw is closed, it will be in a position to lock and destroy the prey in its mouth.
  3. Crocodiles do not chew their food. They will immediately swallow pieces of meat that have been torn from their prey. Crocodiles attack by tearing and cutting the meat of the maggot, then swallowing it in large chunks at once.
  4. Crocodiles sometimes swallow small stones to grind food that has been swallowed and help their digestion.
  5. Crocodiles have a strong exterior structure, which is a bulletproof skin that is very durable and hard to penetrate.
  6. Crocodiles do not have sweat glands, so when not hunting usually crocodiles will bask with the position of the jaw open. This is because crocodiles do not have sweat glands like mammals.

You who want to see crocodiles and learn about these facts can directly visit the Bali Safari park. You can also see various other rare animals. You can also enjoy various entertainment rides at Bali Safari Park.

You can invite your beloved children to visit recreation areas, Water Park, The Amazing Bali Theater, and Fun Zone. When visiting Bali Safari Park, you can also see various animal shows, Elephant Show, The Big Cat Show, and also Bali Agung Show. You can also see the activities of elephants when bathed at Ganesha Park.

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The Bali Safari and Marine Park starts at 09.00 WITA until 17.00 WITA for day safari packages, while the Night Safari package starts at 6:00 p.m. until 21:00 p.m.

Bali Safari Park is a friendly and very enjoyable vacation spot for children. They can feel a variety of exciting, thrilling experiences and valuable lessons about animals. Encourage your child to see giant elephant statues, rocking monkeys, and various other animal behaviors that are also very attractive.

Bali Safari Park also organizes scheduled educational events. You can also invite your child to take pictures with animals in Bali Safari Park. The visitors must pay attention to every regulation in Bali Safari Park.

Other tour ticket packages that you can choose are the Leopard 4X4 and Rhino 4×4 Safari Package. The feature that you will get with this ticket is the opportunity to ride elephants, see educational animal shows, enjoy lunch, take pictures with animals, and various other interesting activities. You can go around the Bali Safari Park area with the 4X4 Safari Package, you will see more than a hundred species of animals.

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