Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Aldabra Giant Tortoise 1

Aldabra Giant Tortoise; One Of The Fauna Wonders In The World

Ever heard of a giant Aldabra turtle? This turtle feels legendary because it is usually only found in zoos or conservation areas, one of which is in the Bali Safari. But even so, there are people who sell Aldabra turtles as pets.

Aldabra giant turtles indeed include very long-lived turtles. Imagine, this turtle can live up to 200 years. Intrigued by this turtle? Come see more.

Facts About The Aldabra Giant Tortoise

  1. Physical Characteristics

Aldabra giant turtles have blackish brown shells with a rather high dome compared to other types of turtles. Besides that they also have big and strong legs, why? Because the strong and large legs are used to support his very heavy body.

With a large body that can weigh 300 kg, certainly big and strong legs are needed. If not, it definitely falls and can’t walk. Not only that, the giant turtle Aldabra has a very long neck. Evidently this turtle can reach branches and trees that have a height of 1 meter above the ground.

  1. Regional Distribution

The spread of the Aldabra giant turtle area is in 4 different places. And among the four places that are the center of the Aldabra giant turtle population are on the island of Atoll Aldabra. This island is indeed famous for its freedom from human influence. In fact there are only around 12 people who really have a need for research.

Then there is a population also on Changuuisland, Mauritius conservation park, and Rodrigues conservation park. These places are not as much as the population on the island of Atoll Aldabra. But the least effort to protect Aldabra giant turtles needs to be appreciated.

  1. Food

The food of giant Aldabra turtles is leaves, grass, and plant logs. So it can be said that Aldabra giant turtles are herbivores. But when pressed, these turtles also occasionally eat small invertebrates and carcasses. Even some researchers found that the giant Aldabra turtle ate other dead turtle carcasses.

In captivity or maybe livestock, turtles that have the Latin name Aldabrachelysgigantea are usually fed fruits such as bananas and apples. Not only that, to fulfill nutrition, it is usually balanced with compressed pellet vegetables. The giant Aldabra tortoise has a unique search for dehydration due to lack of water, similar to a giraffe. Namely they overcome the lack of fluids in the body by getting the water content in the food.

  1. Habit & Characteristics

It turns out that giant Aldabra turtles can live in a variety of habitats such as forests, lowlands, grasslands, mangrove roses, even to the coast. But usually these turtles are more common in grasslands, why? Because there is a lot of food there.

The characteristics of the giant turtle Aldabra are similar to other turtles starting from the time they move, how to walk, to rest. On average it is usually only active for 4 hours with ranges between morning and evening. After 4 hours, the turtle will take a break to save energy.

  1. Behavior

The Aldabra giant turtle is very safe for anyone who wants to take care of it, even children. They are so calm and it is rare for the Aldabra tortoise to be so violent towards humans. So don’t worry if you want to play with this turtle.

After knowing the facts about the Aldabra giant turtle, are you interested in maintaining it?

At Bali Safari Marine Park, we have this turtle kind at Petting Zoo. Please check it out and lets feed them.


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