Let’s Get To Know The Types Of Zebras

Let’s Get To Know The Types Of Zebras 1

Let’s Get To Know The Types Of Zebras

What doyou know about Zebras? They look like horse, don’t they? Actually Zebras are exactly animals that are still in one family with horses which enter into the family of horses. That’s why Zebra is also known as the Zebra Horse.

The special feature of this animal is in its distinctive body pattern, which is a black and white striped pattern. The dappled pattern on the Zebra’s body acts as a security system when Zebras will be devoured by predators.

This striped pattern on the body of the Zebra can confuse predators. Zebras have “disruptive colors” like some species of tree frogs and striped snakes.

The striped pattern on the body of the Zebra Horse breaks the contours, disguising the original shape of the Zebra. And when the Zebra moves, so the pattern will make more confusion in predatory animals.

Zebras are herbivorous or plant-eating animals that actively forage during the day or are known as diurnal animals. The most important food of this striped horse is grass.

However, this animal can consume leaves, shrubs, twigs, and bark. Zebra horses can generally be found in grassland environments.

Almost in each of the grasslands in Africa, both open grasslands with no trees, up to the grasslands on the edge of the jungle, this Zebra species will be found.

Zebras have 3 types of species which until now are still alive and have been identified by humans. The three types of species, one of which is the Common Zebra or Common Zebra with which Latin Equusburchellii, is the most populated Zebra type.

Mountain Zebra, which means Mountain Zebra with the Latin name Zebra Equus, is called a highland dweller. Finally, Grevy Zebra or Grevy’s Zebra, with the Latin name Equusgrevyi, is a Zebra with the largest body size when compared to other Zebras.

Zebras, which are striped horses, are called African endemic animals, so the spread of these animals is limited to many areas around Africa.

The spread of this species is in South Africa, West Africa, and East Africa. Type Zebras are the most numerous and spread widely in the eastern part of the common Zebra. The northern side of Kenya has been nominated by Grevy’s Zebra.

While the southern and southwestern sides of Africa are increasingly mountainous zebras.

However you don’t need to go to Africa if you want to see Zebras, you only need to visit Bali Safari Marine Park. There are many Zebras that can attract your eyes without blinking.