Let’s Meet The Meerkats Personally: The-High Social and Quirky Mammal in Bali Safari Park

Let’s Meet The Meerkats Personally: The-High Social and Quirky Mammal in Bali Safari Park 1

In the famous Lion King movie released in 1994, there was a supporting character named Timon. Timon is visualized as wisecracking meerkat that has tight friendship with Pumbaa the warthog. Their friendship was so warm that it spreaded to the audience seats. Whereas in wild life, a group of meerkats is unlikely to get along with warthogs.

Here in Bali Safari Park, you will discover the facts about this furry and high social mammal. The whole facts about them are very pleasant to know. When you get closer to them, you’re surely wanting to take them home. Unfortunately, it’s like building the castle in the air, impossible. But, no need to worry. You can still buy the meerkat dolls at the gift shop around.

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Let’s Meet The Meerkats Personally: The-High Social and Quirky Mammal in Bali Safari Park 2

Meerkat Encounter

Do you believe it if you can meet the mob of meerkats that you usually see on tv commercials in one exhibition? Bali Safari Park can make it happen to you. By only paying for IDR 200,000 per slot, you and three of your friends have the opportunity to be able to see, to touch, and to communicate with a group of meerkats from  a very close distance. It just like the encounter of human family gang and meerkats gang in order to socialize.

The meerkat encounter is brought to you everyday at 9.30 am and 2 pm. This exhibition is always held right next to Tsavo Lion Restaurant. This is our award-winning restaurant that is located inside Bali Safari Park.

Since we only provide 10 slots everyday, so you have to be there soon to get your slot. Then, our keepers will guide you during this encounter. You are allowed to feed this furry and quirky animal. You must be surprised inside the exhibit because meerkats never go alone. They always come together with family or group. But, when they get food, they will enjoy it alone. Interesting and funny, right?

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Let’s Meet The Meerkats Personally: The-High Social and Quirky Mammal in Bali Safari Park 3

Meerkats Like Togetherness

Meerkats that are commonly found in South Africa are happy to be in cold burrow. This cold place can protect them from the hot sun. Even though they already have coat that can protect them from heat, the hot sun in Africa can still penetrate its fur. Then, meerkats also have dark bands around their eyes that reduce ray of sunlight and help them to see predator birds like eagles and hawks descend from high hills. At night, meerkats fully rely on their perfect vision.

This furry and quirky mammal is always together with their fellow groups. They live, play, and work in small groups around each other. One community consists of many small families. They hunt for food with their groups. But, they always eat alone.

The mammal from the Mongoose family like munching lizards, mice, scorpions, any and other insects. They are immune to the venom from the food they eat. They also like to eat bulbs and roots.

Anyway, meerkat is always seen posing in the same style. He stand tall with his hind legs. Then, his head rotates from side to side. As if they were very vigilant about their surroundings.

Self Defense

Meerkat relies largely on each member of his group to survive. And they are very social by staying in groups in their environment.

Meerkat feels safe in the number of groups. One meerkat group consists of 15 up to 20 members. There are also large meerkat groups that reach more than 50 members.

What meerkat does everyday is to train and care for each other until they’re sure their unit is very strong. When they find a small threat, they will whisper or whistle to each other. But, if it is danger enough, they won’t doubt to shout or shriek to get back-up from their mobs.

Wow, how amazing this mammal, right? You’ll get more facts about meerkats when you visit Bali Safari Park. Don’t forget to do the reservation on safaribaliticket.com and get special price. See you there!

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