Bali Safari Native Animal Collection of Indonesia

Komodo - Native animal of Indonesia

Bali offers a lot of type of journey. As it is well-known for its gorgeous beach and seaside leisure spot, this island is perfect for those who search after an exotic escapism vacation. There are a selection of stunning beach and seaside resort you can choose, depend on your preference. Bali is also a great place to enjoy the rich culture of Balinese heritage that preserves since the reign of ancient ruler.

Another potency that often overlooked from Bali, is that it actually located in a very diverse archipelago complex, in Indonesia. Indonesia as a whole country is known for its rich culture as well as the jaw-dropping nature landscape. In this lovely country located in between of two big ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. It also strategically connecting the mainland Asian Continent to the Australia Continent in the south.

This strategic location also completed with its place in the center side of the equator, made this country home to a lot of exotic animal and plantation. In here you can find some typical Asian animal, such as elephant and tiger, and some have closer relation to Australian type of animal.

Indonesia is also home for some endemic animal that only exist in this archipelago area. Some of these animals are currently in danger because of its small population. If you are currently in Bali and have interest in animal, especially Indonesia’s native ones, Bali Safari Park will be the perfect destination for you.

Get To Know More About Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is a wild-life themed park located in Gianyar, Bali. This large safari facility is well-known as one of the best place to visit if you interested in nature and wild-life animal. In this park you might find a great collection of animal, some are native Indonesia’s animal, some came from all around the globe. There are approximately 1.000 animals currently living inside in this park from more than 100 different species.

Along with the animal-related adventure, you can also get to know about Balinese traditional culture in here. Bali Safari Park also held one of the greatest cultural show in Bali. This event known as Bali Agung Show and known for its grandest traditional performances with modern touch which make it exceptional.

The legendary Bali Agung Show is the series of performances which emphasize on telling the legend and history from all around Bali. Hundreds of performance are usually involved with this huge event, from traditional musicians, shadow-puppeters, and a lot of traditional dancer. A mega-theater is set to be the main stage where the visitors can enjoy the best performance of Balinese rich culture.

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Native Animal of Indonesia in Bali Safari Park

The main attraction from Bali Safari Park is still the collection of exotic animal. Some of the endemic animal from Indonesia always be something that attract people to come and visit. Unlike some other animal, these animals are rerely seen somewhere else, and it is really a great opportunity to finally meet these unique animals.

One of the most known Indonesia’s native animal is Komodo dragon, which naturally only can be found in Komodo Island. This big-sized lizard known as a dangerous reptile with strong skin and poisonous saliva. This predator also known as the most-related animal to the dinosaurs that still exist until now.

The other native animal is the Bali Starling, which naturally inhabited the northern side of Bali Island. This beautiful bird can easily spotted because of it’s feathers’ plume on top of its head as well as the white feathers with blue mark around its eyes’ area. This bird is currently under the threat of extinction and Bali Safari Park also serves as its conservatory place.

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Another native animal of Indonesia that can be found in Bali Safari Park is the Sumatran Tiger. This tiger also faces the same threat of extinction and currently very rare to find in its natural habitat. This type of tiger known well for it’s unique tiger fur but with smaller body, it is considered as the smallest species of tiger in the world. As any other tiger, the fur is often targeted by illegal hunting which contribute to decrease the tiger population.

Orangutan is the next native Indonesia’s animal exist in Bali Safari Park. This large primate naturally inhabitated Borneo and Sumatera archipelago. This friendly animal also face the same danger of extinction due to illegal hunting and insufficient environment. Massive exploitation of land from palm oil plantation suspected to be the main issue that reduce the forest where Orangutan used to live.

The Black Ape, which comes from Sulawesi area also can be found in Bali Safari Park. As its name hinted, this primate can be recognized by its black fur except for the arms’ area which are gray. This animal also known as Sulawesi crested macaque because of its crests that can be seen on its head.