Describing Night Safari Package at Bali Safari Park

night safari bali package

To get more experience to go to the zoo, Bali Safari Park is the best choice for us. In wonderful aspects, the landscape of the ecosystem at the Bali safari park are designed like the real ecosystem in Africa.  Also, it has the complete kind of animals from many countries that can be seen.

If you want to make a journey at the night, you can choose one of many packages from Bali Safari Park.  One of them is Night Safari Package and let’s see the  12 packages in Bali Safari Park that can be chosen! Those type  as the following:

  1. Jungle Hopper Package
  2. Dragon Package
  3. Adventure Package start from 2pm – 5pm
  4. Breakfast with Lion Package
  5. Rhino Package
  6. Leopard Package
  7. Night Safari Package
  8. Elephant Back Safari
  9. Breakfast with Lion + Elephant Back Safari Package
  10. Breakfast with Lions + Giraffe feeding
  11. Leopard 4×4 Safari Ticket: Private Safari Adventure on 4×4 jeeps
  12. Rhino 4×4 Safari Ticket: Private Safari on 4×4 Jeeps

Among the other packages, you should try night safari package at Bali Safari Park.

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Knowing About Night Safari Package at The Night

Night Safari is the night activities at the Bali Safari Park. Those activities is offering for the tourist such as safari walk, night safari journey, fire dance show and dinner. It is the fun, interesting and the attractive activities. You will feel the challenging, fun and curious because you will see the kind of animals from the bus at the night season.

Describing Night Safari Package at Bali Safari Park 1


The Inclusions

Based on the information of Night safari package at Bali Safari Park, you should know as the inclusion such as:

Welcome Drink

You will get the drink after you arrive in the Bali Safari Park. It is the complement activities before you enjoy to see the kind of animals in there. In addition, you can invite your friend and families to go to there.

Walking Safari at 17.30 – 18.15

When the afternoon comes, you can see the other kinds of animals.  You can find many kinds of animals and you can walk on the night safari only 15 minutes to see snake, elephant, komodo, porcupine and the other collection animals.  

Night Safari Journey (1 time)

The special cage of trambus are waiting on the night and you can see more kind of animal in one time. Explore the activities of the animals from the tram bus. In the night situation, you will see the environment night like at the Africa.

Animal Encounter

Meet with the kind of animals directly. You can take a picture with your own camera. You can invite your friend to see the kind of animals in the night situation. It’s fun and amazing to find some animals at the night at the Mara Lobby at 18.30 – 18.55.

Afrika Rhythm Of Fire Show

At the Mara Stage, you can see the amazing night performance such as fire dance. It is the program of Africa Rythm of fire show. In this season, you can find the spectacular show that related of the fire dance. The performance is similar with the fire show at Africa.

Describing Night Safari Package at Bali Safari Park 2

BBQ Dinner At Nkuchiro Restaurant

At Nkuchiro restaurant, you can get the dinner with BBQ menu. It offering some of menu that related of the BBQ. You can join it with your friend, families and your partner. After around to see the animals, you will get the time to eat BBQ at this restaurant.

Tax Included

In this package, the free is include the tax price, so you don’t pay the addition price for the tax. Tax fee is include at this package.

About the important rule of the price of Night Safari package

  • Kind Of The Price
    The price is offering with the two kinds price based on the tourist. Those are consist of the price for the domestic tourist and the international tourist. It has the different prices.
  • Free From The Baby Under 3 Years
    The children who has under three years old is free. For the children who has the age 3 – 12 years old should pay the ticket.
  • The Activities Of The Night Safari Bali
    We should know that the activities at the night bali start from 18.00 till 21.00 WITA. It is better that we should arrive to there at 17.30 WITA. Therefore, you should arrive there at the location.
  • The Standard Price Is Not Included The Private Transportation
    The private transportation is mean that the price from the hotel to the Bali Safari Night. You should pay the additional cost if you want to get the transportation start from hotel to Bali Safari Park and the vice versa.

If you want to get unforgettable moment at the night, you can take this package. After get the more schedule in your job, you can take this package at the night to find happy times with friend or families. Based on the statement above, it is clear that Night safari package at Bali Safari Park is the best recommendation to you who want to see the animals in the night situation.

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