Night Safari Package for your Bali Family Holiday

Night Safari Package for your Bali Family Holiday 1

Night Safari Package for your Bali Family Holiday

Let’s join on our spectacular night Safari, take your family along!

Highlight of the Night Safari :

  • Enjoy an incredible night Safari Journey with Cage Tram bus.

  • Get close with the animal during the Night safari Journey, feeds them

  • Enjoy BBQ Buffet Dinner

  • Witness the Fire dance Show with Afrika! Rhythm of Fire Show

Most of you still have to wonder, what kind of safari night is the island of Bali offering? Is it the same as the other safari night in other parts of the world? Let’s learn more about Bali’s safari at night!

Has the event been held in Africa? Naturally, not! Bali Safari And Marine Park, which is located in Gianyar Bali, is the night safari present in Bali.

In addition, many consider Bali Safari Marine Park to be the most attractive zoos and aquaria for children in Bali. No wonder, you will find a lot of sites which have written about children’s activities in Bali and list the Bali Safari Marine Park on their review page.

So it’s sound great to watch the Tiger and the Lion at Bali Safari & Marine Park in the stars as the King of the Jungle and other wild, isn’t that so??

Doing a night safari in Bali is something completely different than a daytime safari in the zoo ; you will feel the night safari in Bali that is thrilling and new.

Additional wonderful performances have added to the current Bali Night Safari package, which will certainly ensure your fun trip, especially your kids, is a memorable time.

Night Safari is one of the new concepts that this island can provide for you under the stars of the zoo. Its uniqueness and quite challenging

Night Safari Package for your Bali Family Holiday 2
Bali Night Safari Journey on Cage Tram bus

Night Safari Agenda:
Once you arrive in our area our customer services will welcome you with welcome drinks and take your time to take a picture of a particular animal that is a customer photo display. The journey from the main lobby to the safari will be divided into a trambus group of 15 to 20 people.

Only 15 minutes walk away on night safari, see a collections of details of every animal including porcupine, Komodo, snake, elephant and more, when arrive at Safari Park our experience guide will be glad to welcome you.

Our walking safari ends at the hotel lobby of Mara River, and the Trambus is waiting for the night.

On our trambus then welcome on board. The safari package on Bali night passing through the Safari Park. Your programme. Then continue to Night Safari with the trambus through a park set – up as the African Savannah looks.

The cage trambus accommodates 15 – 20 people, and there are 2 – 3 guides to provide you with information and keeping you safe in the cage. You will be accompanied by a cage trambus from the lobby called the Mara River Lodge to the African Savannah (not really in Africa).

The animal encounter means you can approach the animal. You can feed the animal directly on this evening safari. Naturally, you won’t feed the lion or the tiger. The animal you can directly feed, such as elephant, cebra, giraffe, African cow etc. Not only is the night safari feeding the animal, but you can also see tiger and lion in the wild jungle looks.

Last but not least, we served food in a buffet style at the Nkuchiro Restaurant so that you can feel atmospheric and east, all you can eat bbqu. Our last, but not least, program is the Fire Dance, Drumming, and Marionette live show performance.

The finished program will be transferred back to car park, end of service, have a pleasant Safari night.

Bali Night Safari Package Price & Timing

  • The timing of Bali Night Safari starts at 17:30-18.15
  • Welcome drink.
  • Walking night safari tour
  • One time Night Safari Journey with trambus.
  • Animal Encounter
  • BBQ Dinner at Nkuchiro Restaurant.
  • Fire dance Entertainment performance.

Night Safari Package for your Bali Family Holiday 3

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