Nocturnal Animals You Should See at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Lion - nocturnal animal

You may have avoided bat flying while walking at night. But, the bat eventually never hit you because the bat has sharp hearing and navigation. Bats reflect sound that only bats can hear. The voice will navigate the bat’s journey in search of food at night.

Bats are nocturnal animals that are active at night. Not only bats, there are a number of other animals that are also active at night such as owl, lions, rodents, and zebras.

In Bali Safari and Marine Park, you can take part in the Night Safari whereas you and entourage will be brought into the forest to witness with the bare eyes how nocturnal animals spend the night. How zebra is lying, how a lion is roaming with open eyes to the prey, or how an owl perched gracefully on a tree branch while turning its head in all directions monitoring its prey.

Take it easy. You will definitely be safe enjoying this safari night. The tour group will be placed in a specifically designed tram to accommodate this tour package. During the night safari, you can ask the guide and even interact with nocturnal animals there. If you wanna know more about this safari, do visit our website

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Nocturnal Behavior

Nocturnal behavior is the behavior of creatures that become active at night. In humans, this behavior is usually appeared by activities at night other than sleeping like reading books, doing work on laptop, or tidying up a room that makes him feel home without sleep until almost dawn. Then, he will just sleep during the day. Because he’s too active at night, so human needs energy intake by sleeping at noon.

A number of animals are also known to have nocturnal behavior. They are active at night to forage and chase their preys. Then, they will sleep during the day. Then, a number of theories mention the reason why nocturnal behavior can exist in certain animals. The conclusions obtained from a number of scientists, this behavior is one form of adaptation of animals in order to survive by hunting prey at night.

For example, the two animals which hunt rodents together. Hawks and owls are both chasing rodents. Can you imagine, if both of them hunt rodents in the afternoon, there will be fierce competition that will cause one of them to become extinct. For this reason, the owls adapt to becoming a night hunter to avoid fierce competition with hawks. Meanwhile, for rodents, night time is the right time to avoid birds that will hunt them during the day.

Besides the two animals, there are also pairs of lions and the preys such as zebras and antelopes. Those preys are known to have poor vision at night. It is easy for lions to conquer them.


Other Animals

night safari bali package

The Nocturnal Animals in Bali Safari Park

Here are some nocturnal animals that you can find on Bali Safari Park.


The mysterious owl figure creates many of its own assumptions about its presence. Owl in Ancient Greece is a symbol of the Athena Goddess of Wisdom. Meanwhile, in Japan owl is considered the night emperor who oversees whole villages.

Owl has 14 spine to support their body. No wonder if the owl can rotate the head to all directions. The brain and eyes of owl are supported by a blood-pooling system in their body. It is possible for owl to monitor its prey at night.


In ancient time, lions were associated with the Sun God. Then, there is a Sphinx in Egypt as a symbol of civilization. In Bali Safari Park, you can take part in Night Safari to witness how lions act at night. Don’t you feel so excited to prove that the Lion’s heel actually does not touch the ground when he walks, right?


This African wild horse can sleep stand up. Then, zebra can rotate the ears to any direction. Don’t you get curious to see the zeal, a group of zebras, doing their unique behavior at night?

Just come and join the Night Safari in Bali Safari Park!

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