Not Legitimate To Bali Safari If You Don’t Do These 5 Things!

Not Legitimate To Bali Safari If You Don't Do These 5 Things! 1

Are you putting together a vacation schedule for the Bali Safari complex but are confused about choosing activities while there? Don’t worry, Bali Safari never lacks activities for guests. Guaranteed you will be spoiled with lots of cool activities and you will be very excited to participate in each of these activities.

Among the many types of activities offered by Bali Safari and Marine Park, you must do at least five of these if you want your Bali Safari tour to be valid! Here is a selection of interesting educational activities for your family.

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    1. Family Friendly Lodging

    Make the moment to visit Bali Safari a quality time for your family. After everyday being busy with separate activities and not enough time to work together, now is the time to spend a lot of time with family. The best way of course is to stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge, located in the Taman Safari Bali area.

    This lodge is very comfortable and full of magical atmosphere. You will feel the pleasant experience of staying in the woods with the sounds of animals like the roar of lions and trumpets of elephants in the distance.

    This profound experience will surely create a truly unforgettable experience. Besides Mara River Safari Lodge, there is also the Tsavo Lion Restaurant which will provide a dining experience with King of the Jungle.

    It’s amazing, isn’t it?

    2. Enjoying Bali Agung Show

    Legendary Bali Agung Show

    After enjoying lodging and dining sessions that are both interesting and amazing, it’s time for you to enjoy the Bali Agung Show. A theater show in a magnificent room and displays the history of Bali’s rich culture and traditions.

    This theater show is played by more than 150 actors. A truly comprehensive performance in combining old traditions and sophisticated modern lighting, and sound arrangements that make an unforgettable experience for your family. It is suitable for those of you who really love the world of shows.

    3. Night Safari

    Some animals are active at night, meaning they will only be seen at night. If you want to see animals tonight, we suggest you sign up for the Bali Night Safari Package.

    You will be taken using a special tram. Inside this tram, you can watch animals at night full of magical and mystical auras.

    In fact, you might have the opportunity to feed animals with the help of trained forest guards. Along with night safari trips, this package also includes stunning rhythm shows and BBQ buffet dinners for your family to enjoy. It’s really a travel package that can’t be missed right? Btw, don’t feed animals without guidance from the forest guards. Can be dangerous for you.


    4. Safari 4 × 4 Adventure

    Rhino 4x4 Bali Safari

    If you want to take a closer look at animals in their natural habitat, it is very important to take part in the 4×4 Bali Safari Park program. This 4 × 4 tour will take you through various animal habitats and you can see them in their natural state.

    The tour also included hearings for various animal presentations carried out by knowledgeable park rangers. Prepare the best questions related to the world of fauna. The guards will help answer all your curiosity.

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    5. Jungle Hopper

    If you are looking for a complete experience then you might want to choose Jungle Hopper. The package is an overall offer offered by Taman Safari Bali.

    Jungle Hopper includes introductions to educational animal programs where you can get to know the types of animals and all the facts associated with them. Then it also includes a water park and silver ticket for the world-famous Bali Agung Show.

    The Jungle Hopper program will give you the opportunity to travel and meet various wildlife and rare species in Bali Safari Park.

    Bali Safari is packed with various events and activities to be followed by our guests and visitors. This list is just a few of the favorite choices that our visitors like, with even more once you enter the in-depth experience at Bali Safari Park.

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