Bali Safari Park: A Place for Wildlife Conservation of Various Species and The Importance of Concern for Animal Life

Bali Safari Park: A Place for Wildlife Conservation of Various Species and The Importance of Concern for Animal Life 1

Earth is a place to live with various living creatures, not just humans. All living things deserve the same chance of life. Humans must have a concern for the survival of animals that have started to be scarce and endure extinction. Humans must carry out conservation activities for these animals for the next generation. The conservation of these animals is very important for the balance of the earth.

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Bali starling
Bali starling conservation at Bali Safari Park

Reasons People Must Care about Animals and Do Conservation

Human concern is important in the preservation of endangered animals and animals that are almost destroyed. There are various important reasons why humans must conserve properly. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Beware Of Animal Species Number

A decrease in the number of animal species or a trip to the extinction of a species will have a tiered effect. This is because the ecosystem system is interconnected. For example, coral reefs in the sea have attachments to seaweed and sea turtles that eat them. Another example is the condition of shrinking polar speakers making the polar bear starve. The ecosystem condition is also supported by extreme weather changes and various natural threats that can occur. The chain effects of each event will not be avoided.

Therefore, humans must take their part to assist in the conservation of animals. One of the conservation sites in Indonesia is Bali Safari Park which houses more than one hundred species of animals. Many animals that live in Bali Safari Park, ranging from animals that can be easily found in various places and animals that are already rare and almost endangered.

2. Animals Lose Habitat

Many species of animal’s experience extinction because they lose their place of life or their habitat. For example, Sumatran elephants are decreasing in number because they lose their habitat in the forest. This is also inseparable from the role of humans who make deforestation, open oil palm plantations, carry out development, and various other human activities. It is appropriate for humans to realize that the importance of habitat preservation for the survival of Sumatran elephants that have begun to scarce.

Humans should start reducing activities that can destroy the habitat of animals. Unconsciously, when humans destroy animal habitat, humans have also destroyed ecosystems. Animals also have the right to live on Earth. Humans must be aware of this. Do not act arbitrarily on nature and animals. Show concern for the condition of animals and their habitat.

3. Starting From The Smallest Thing

Those of you who have begun to realize how important it is to do conservation can start from the smallest thing, the simplest thing. You can show concern for nature by reducing the use of plastic. This material is the main enemy of nature because plastic requires a very long time to decompose.

Meanwhile, the use of plastic is very familiar with the daily needs of humans. You can start using shopping bags to replace the plastic that is usually used to carry groceries. You can start using drinking places that can be used repeatedly to replace disposable plastic drinking bottles.

The next small step is to plant plants. You can plant a flower plant that defines the need for pollen for bees. This becomes very important for the survival of bees.

Small steps that you begin to do sustainably have a positive impact on the sustainability of nature and animals. You can also visit wildlife conservation sites as a manifestation of your concern for animals.

Bali Safari Park: A Place for Wildlife Conservation of Various Species and The Importance of Concern for Animal Life 2

One of the conservation places that you can visit is Bali Safari Park. You can get many benefits when visiting Bali Safari Park. You can take a vacation while getting lots of lessons from Bali Safari Park. This place is perfect for you to visit together with your beloved family.

You can invite children to study various animal species while providing education to them. This is because when you are in Bali Safari Park you can see a variety of animal shows that aim to provide education and raise the awareness of the audience towards the survival of the animals.

One example of animal shows in Bali Safari Park is the Elephant show. The show tells how the Elephant species began to be threatened with extinction.

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