Prestigious Award From ITTA to Mara River Safari Lodge and Bali Safari Park

Prestigious Award From ITTA to Mara River Safari Lodge and Bali Safari Park 1

The Indonesia Travel and Tourism Awards on August 3 held the night of awarding Bali Tourism awards to Bali Safari Park, this award is also given to Mara River Safari Lodge. Mara River Safari Lodge managed to get four different awards, as well as Bali Safari Park.

This resort that is famous for its Balinese nuances will make your stay experience as complete as possible. Mara River Safari Lodge blends with the Bali Safari Park area, so the nuances that are presented are also very beautiful and look very natural. you can observe and feel nature more closely.

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    Mara River Safari Lodge is the best hotel in Bali. This 4-star hotel has thirty-nine rooms. Each room is equipped with the best facilities that reflect the charm of a beautiful village. There are many choices of stay packages that you can customize with the holiday plans that you have arranged.

    You can choose a three-day two-night package for all types of rooms provided. The 3D2N package is suitable for long periods of vacation. The package also includes most of the activities that can be done in Bali Safari Park and various services that are also provided by the Mara River Safari Lodge manager.

    These services include; Night Safari and Dinner at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant, which is enjoying a dinner with King of the Jungle. The 3D2N package is suitable when you are on vacation with your beloved family.

    You who stay at Mara River Safari Lodge have the opportunity to dine at Tsavo restaurant and get a welcome drink. You will also get a basket of tropical fruits when you have just come to Mara River Safari Lodge. You also have a free entrance ticket to Bali Safari and Marine Park. You can also watch animal shows, elephant shows and elephant shows.

    Enjoy one chance to do a one-time Safari journey at Bali Safari Park. You will also get a Night Safari ticket and include a BBQ Dinner and Fire Dance Show. Your vacation will also be more complete because you also get the opportunity to get transportation services for free once to be picked up or delivered to the airport.

    These facilities can be obtained for all room types. The requirement to get all these services is to stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge at least two nights. All facilities, services and facilities are only valid for direct bookings.

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    Bali Safari Park, which received an award from ITTA, is located in Gianyar Bali, as well as Mara River Safari Lodge. The award-winning amusement park is a large park that is a conservation place for a variety of extraordinary animals, even for animals that are almost extinct.

    Bali Safari Park aims to present adventure, provide holiday pleasure with extraordinary experience and various education to participate in nature conservation and various species of animals. Meanwhile, for Mara River Safari Lodge is a resort that has a unique theme to provide comfort during your vacation in Bali.

    Mara River Safari Lodge is located in the wilderness around which there are various types of trees by planting native trees which become natural habitat for animals. Meanwhile, when you visit Bali Safari Park, you can choose various ticket packages that are in accordance with your vacation plan.

    You can enjoy a Jungle Hopper package or a Rhino 4×4 Safari package while visiting Bali Safari Park.

    You can also enjoy the Night Safari package to feel the sensation of the night at the Bali Safari Park. You who want to enjoy breakfast with challenges can visit Tsavo Restaurant, enjoy delicious food among the lions. You don’t need to worry, because there is thick glass which is the barrier between the restaurant and the lion enclosure. In addition to seeing animal shows, you can also enjoy the Bali Agung Show.

    Prestigious Award From ITTA to Mara River Safari Lodge and Bali Safari Park 2

    So, what’s your next vacation plan? You must visit this one stop tourism object in Gianyar, Bali. Do click our website to see all tourism packages. See you soon here!

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