The Protection of Wildlife is A Balance on Earth

The Protection of Wildlife is A Balance on Earth 1

The Earth is the peace home for all creatures. It provides everything we need to live. The air to breath, sun for our health, food resources from mother nature, places to grow crops, water from rain and ocean, and also comfortable living quarters.

Food sources including its food chains rank at the top of the list of needs that must be maintained by human being as the leaders among all creatures exist on Earth. Unfortunately, many take the food chain for granted as if the nature would take care of it itself without the assistance of human.

For example, the wildlife that has recently raised in extinction rate. The wildlife doesn’t only mean wild animals, but also all groups or species of creatures such as fish, insects, plants, birds, or even microscopic organism. They gather in one living cycle system called ecosystem. The wildlife in our ecosystem is facing the stage of extinction day by day because of illegal poaching, habitat loss, and many more.

The extinction of wildlife and its habitat can sooner or later have a deep and fatal impact on human existence on Earth. That is why we need strong spirit, strict and controlled regulations from the government in order to protect wildlife from extinction. Then, the awareness of the people not to carry out large illegal poaching against wildlife is also the biggest support for it.

Bali Safari Park as the most comfortable conservation place for wildlife reveals a number of reasons why wildlife protection is important to be worked on.

The Protection of Wildlife is A Balance on Earth 2
Bird Aviary

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Keep The Balance of Ecology

When we talk about ecology, we talk about the ecosystem. Ecosystem is the interactions between organisms and their environment and others. In ecosystem, there is the food chain. It is one of the important components in the ecosystem. When the food chain is disrupted, then this will affect the survival of other ecosystem members.

For instance, the illegal poaching commonly chasing for the wild animals that eating meats. These carnivores have skins, fangs, bones, or even the heads that high in prices. Sometimes, the hunters chase for them only for pleasure. Can you imagine what will happen if the carnivores go extinct?  The ecosystem will be in unbalanced condition as the amount of herbivorous animals increases. Then, humans will be affected by a lack of staple food, any other vegetables, fruits, and grains or nuts.

Wildlife Assistance in Agriculture

Agriculture is an important sector that we must preserve. Our daily lives depend on agricultural crops. These agricultural products can be used for our daily food, investment or any other purposes. In agriculture, the pollination process is when the pollen from male flower is transferred to female flower. The existence of insects around these flowers can help them to do the pollination process which can produce seeds.

When the number of insects or any other animals that help this pollination is decrease, so the crop wil grow improperly. The humans will be malnourished in short or long term life.

Wild Safari in Real Life

Bali Safari 4x4 private jeep tour

If wildlife become extinct, children in the future will only know about it from the books they read, the videos they watch, and stories of parents who had taken part in wild safari tours. Parents tell them how surprising walking in the woods was, seeing orangutans or lions from a distance, fishing in the lake, watching and feeding birds. Meanwhile, the children just nodded their head listening. They don’t get their own real experience.

To preserve the wildlife, Bali Safari Park is home for more of thousands animals. This place is not only a place of conservation, but also as a place of recreation  that can be visited by anyone who wants to know about the wildlife and ecosystems. Here you can meet over 100 species animals. There are also rare and endangered animals that will surprise you. You may feel like you’re in the jungle. No need to worry about the safety here. You are safe to see those animals.

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