Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud – Tips for Visitors

Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud

The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali is a natural reserve and shrine complex. If you go there, you’ll see the welcome sign as the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It contains about 340 monkeys recognized as as long-tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis).

There are four monkey communities in the park, each occupying distinct areas. The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is a popular tourist attraction in Bali and is frequently visited by more than thousand tourists every month.

This forest is not only an interesting place to see monks. For the inhabitants of the Padangtegal village, this sacred monkey forest is of religious, economical, social and conservation significance.

Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud - Tips for Visitors 1

You can wander around and appreciate the peaceful environment in the Monkey Forest. The forest is about a 10th of a square kilometer (about 27 acres) and has at least 115 distinct types of trees. The Monkey Forest includes the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, a bathing sanctuary “Holy Spring” and another temple for cremation rituals.

The road of Monkey Forest offers many dining, from western cuisine to Balinese cuisine. Please do not forget visiting Bebek Bengil Restaurant 500 meters away. It is a famous Jalan Hanoman restaurant, renowned for its specialties: roasted and fried ducks Try the ribs, too. You’re going to leave you wanting more. Ubud Monkey Forest shops alone give a broad range of pearls, baskets, sculptures, ikat fabrics, paintings and silver gems.

How to enjoy your visit to Ubud Monkey Forest?

You may have heard and read the stories of the visitors of unfortunate accidents. But there are also individuals who have liked their journey, exploring shrines and watching monkeys.

Most of your unfortunate stories are probably people who did not comply first of all with the rules and regulations. Here are a few steps to make a pleasant trip to the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

  • Just bring things to you that are necessary. Don’t bring items you don’t want to lose, including lenses, gems, etc. Wear just the right clothing and have nothing to hang up.
  • It is recommended that you leave plastic or paper bags with you at the ticket counter.
  • Leave out the food. Do not take food, including bananas, with you to feed the monkeys. Check and empty all food left on your bags and pockets, including small chocolates. The monkeys have a nice feeling of smell and they could follow it. Monkeys are quite persistent and won’t give no response.
  • Do not supply the monkey with outside meals. It might be tempting to tease them with meat, but do not supply them with snacks to preserve their health. Don’t also give nuts, biscuits, bread, etc.
  • These monkeys may look nice but in no moment can be highly ferocious. It is best to distance yourself and watch them in a range. After all, they’re still wild creatures.
  • Should you have been bitten or scratched by chance, seek medical help immediately so that you have not found any illness.

To make your trip all comfortable and safe, it is highly recommended to read and give attention to the laws before entering the Ubud Monkey Forest.

And if you really like tourism related to nature and want to explore more animals and also see other wild animals in Bali, visiting Bali Safari Park in Gianyar is one of the best choices. Especially if you are traveling with family.

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