The Safaris That Feel More Flexible Than Zoos

The Lions

Safari parks and zoos are two tourist attractions that are open to public. Both of the them take care floras and faunas which can be seen by visitors. However, do you know what is the difference between them?

As we often find in some zoos, animals are placed in their closed tight cages. This group of animals has insufficient space to move like in their wild habitat. This makes the animals exhibited in zoos often look lethargic. Most of them even fall asleep when visitors arrive.

Meanwhile, safari parks create habitats that feel like home. Of course, their homes are the natural wildlife. The animals in safari park are free to roam as they normally do in their origin habitat. The main purpose of the establishment of safari park is ti protect animals from extinction and preserve them without losing their natural habits.

There is one safari park that is very interesting to visit. Moreover, this safari park is located in a popular tourist area in the world. Bali Safari Park will give you different excitement, let say, it’s thrilling and making your adrenaline rushes.

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Safari Park For Your Adventurous Blood

Maybe you already know that in a safari park, all animals are free to roam in a place that has been adapted to their original habitat. We do this solely to maintain their natural habits. Wild animals like tigers or lions like to run, climb, hunt for food, and roam around.

So do birds, fish in freshwater aquarium, and hippos that enjoy half-body soaking in the river. This is the freedom they have. It makes them always fresh and active.

As the visitor, you would love to see these active wildlife, right? Can you imagine you arrive at Mara River Safari Lodge Lobby. Then, you are welcomed with the wild ambiance as if you were in Africa. The majestic elephants, graceful snakes, and iconic birds greet you all.

Then, you definitely can’t wait to walk around. At a crossroads you can meet a flock of elephants roaming around. Say hi to them quietly. When you feel starving, you may eat something at a restaurant nearby.

You can see clearly the king of the jungle standing proudly through a full-length glass panel. The lions also pay attention to you who are enjoying delicious dish inside the Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

breakfast with lion bali safari marine park

Educational Trip

The Bali Safari Park is a place called ‘home’ for animal conservation. Here, all animals are protected and cared properly. Especially the endangered animals which face the threat from their wildlife.

So, you cannot witness the activities of these animals more closely, but also you can accept useful and entertaining information from the guides who accompany your trip. It is also fun to bring your children here. We have Safari For The Kids.

Your kids gonna be delighted to try all the things like riding elephants, participate in elephant’s bathing, feeding goats, playing with turtles, interact with meerkats, seeing monkeys swinging on the trees, and enjoying the view of swimming fish in a large aquarium.

Wildlife In The Dark

Maybe you want to try something more challenging? Try the night safari here. On this night safari, visitors will be taken around the safari park at night using a customized designed cage tram. It is very safety for all  visitors inside. You’ll be accompanied by the guide who inform you about the whole night safari and also the keepers who keep you safe during the trip.

The Safaris That Feel More Flexible Than Zoos 1

You can see the wild lions or tigers coming towards you in proud. Or maybe the calm giraffe and zebra. These animals maybe sniff around the cage, breathe close to your head, or even licking the food you hand out. Is it thrilling enough, right?

So, what are you waiting for?! Do the reservation through and do feel the sensation of being closer this wildlife at Bali Safari Park.

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