Visit The Bali Safari Marine Park to See The Uniqueness of Zebra

bali safari marine park

Bali Safari Park has more than one hundred species of animals which also include some of the rarest and endangered animals. The focus of Bali Safari Park is to conserve animals to protect and ensure their welfare. All animals that are at the Bali Safari Marine Park always pay attention to their environmental conditions and health.

Place settings for their conservation are made like their original habitat. Animals feel more comfortable because they seem to be in the wild. The standard of care that is applied not only ensures maintenance of physical needs, but also their mental condition.

Positive welfare from animal conditions is their main focus. one type of animal in the Bali Safari Marine Park is Zebra. These animals have a unique that makes them special.

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Zebras are very easy to spot because they have a unique motif, namely black and white lines arranged alternately. The motif makes the Zebra look beautiful and attractive. Zebras are actually native African animals that have close links with donkeys and horses.

Each Zebra individual must have a unique striped pattern. This means there will be no Zebras that have the same pattern. Their stripes are always black and white, but the pattern or potency of the lines formed will always be different for each Zebra.

You can try experimenting when visiting Bali Safari Park to compare some of the Zebras encountered. Is it true they have a different pattern? Is it true there won’t be two Zebras that have the same motif or pattern?

Discover the excitement of taking a vacation while studying by visiting Bali Safari Park. Apart from a number of these things, Zebra still has other facts.

paket safari explorer dengan koleksi zebra di taman bali safari
Zebra di Taman Bali Safari

Unique Facts About Zebras

Another uniqueness about Zebras is as follows:

  1. Different line patterns not only occur for each individual Zebra but also differences for each species. Zebras have many species, and each Zebra species has a different line pattern;
  2. Zebra has a black base color. The outer appearance of the Zebra does look black and white, but in fact the basic color of the Zebra skin is black.
  3. Black and white patterns on zebras are not only a characteristic that makes them special, but the pattern also has benefits for them. The first function is as a natural sunscreen which is used to protect the skin from the sun so as not to feel heat. The next function is to act as an insect repellent that can sometimes perch or be around the Zebra;
  4. Zebras when together with a herd or group will run zigzagically. This aims to disrupt predators or commonly referred to as colorblind. When Zebras are large because they are in one group, they will look like grass arrangements for predators, so they feel safer;
  5. The zebra pattern can also work like camouflage when a group of Zebras are standing together;
  6. Zebra species are spread to various regions, some species that live on the plains of tree-free grasslands in East Africa and South Africa. Another species, namely Zebra Grevy, lives in the grassland region of parts of Ethiopia and Kenya. Mountain Zebra species can live in Namibia, Angola, and also South Africa;
  7. Zebra can see colors except orange;
  8. Zebras have a running speed of up to 65 km/hours;
  9. Zebras can grow to 3.5 to 5 feet;
  10. Zebras sleep in a standing condition;
  11. Zeal is a term for a group of Zebras. Whereas, for a group of Zebra families known as Harem and male zebras become group leaders;

Unique facts from Zebras are indeed very many. You can observe Zebras directly by visiting Bali Safari Park. You don’t have to go all the way to Africa. You can choose tour packages provided by Bali Safari Park to see various other animal species that are also there.

One of the packages you can choose is the 4X4 Safari Package. You who use Safari 4×4 tickets will be guided around to see the animals in Bali Safari Park. You can also see various educational animal shows. Enjoy your awesome trip at Bali Safari Marine Park.

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