Spending Holiday Time in Bali Safari Park Together with Family and Friends

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What activity you always do in your holiday or off-day? Is that only watching TV all day or browsing the department store? Why don’t you try to manage your holiday this year by taking your family to Bali Safari Park? You can also arrange this tour together with friends or working partners.

As we know that Bali Safari is the peace place for more than 100 species to live. Visitors can amaze to see all animals here, including rare and endangered animals like Orangutan, Komodo Dragon, Lions, jalak Bali, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, meerkat, owl, and many more.

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Here is a list of fun activities that you can do with your traveling group at Bali Safari Park.

Spend The Nights at Mara River Safari Lodge

Have you ever stayed at the resort that has an open air terrace and is treated the view of animals roaming freely around your resort? Mara River Safari Lodge will provide a unique sensation of staying from any other resorts. It feels like you were in the rustic charm of the African Safari, but you spend the nights inside the modern touch resorts.

There are 38 rooms that fully-equipped with 4 star lodging facilities. You can choose these following room types:

  • Swala Deluxe Room
    This room is on the ground floor. You can see animals roaming before you. The room is very quiet as this is surrounded by indigenous long grass and foliage. It feels like you’re in your own retreat and calmness.
  • Twiga Suite Room
    This room is on the second floor. You can go to the balcony to get the view of the roaming animals around the resort. Being here can refresh our eyes, nourish our minds, and soul. Take as many as the natural treats around here. Then, you can remember the sensation of this calmness when you go back to your daily hectic activities.
  • Kifaru Family Room
    This bungalow is arranged in a chic way. The room is ideal for family with only two children. This is basically a pleasant setting with ethnic African touch that provide absolute comfort and convenience. You can see the Kiboko Swimming Pool from this room.
  • Tembo Family Room
    This spacious bungalow is suitable for those of you who bring along big families or small groups of fellows. The dining room and living room are separated. So, you can have a talk in anywhere you like. From this bungalow you can see the Kiboko Swimming Pool.

Pleasant Morning Activities

When you open your eyes in the morning, do come to the balcony immediately. You will be greeted by the singing birds on the roof of your bungalow, wandering lions, zebras who interact with their families, and rhinos that yawning as if say hello to you in his common lazy style.

Treat Yourself In Infinity Pool While Watching Animals Roam

After a day of walking in Bali Safari Park maybe make you tired. Why don’t you soak in attractive infinity pool here? Get the relaxing sensation you’ve never had before while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the pool. The roaming animals like elephants and zebras give you another sensation as if you were soaking inside the pool in the middle of a forest.

You can also taste the Mara River Safari Lodge’s spa and beauty menu to treat your skin during the holiday.

What About Dinner?

Dinner time here is amazing. You can order any kind of foods here. Then, you can eat dinner together with the King of the Jungle outside the window glass beside your table.

Uma Restaurant serves you delicious food from western to traditional favorites. You can choose whether you want to eat Tasmanian Salmon or maybe Crispy Duck Leg. Don’t forget to try Banana Flambe for your dessert. While waiting for your dessert to be served, you will be presented with a fiery chef cooking action. Spectacular!

So, now it’s time for you to visit safaribaliticket.com for for more information.

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