Striped Hyena Bali Safari Marine Park

Striped Hyena Bali Safari Marine Park 1

4 Striped Hyena as Exotic Savana Tropical Animals Present at Bali Safari Park

Good News for animal Lover in Bali and in Indonesia, they may come to Bali Safari marine park to See Hyna.

This hyena is indeed known as a wild animal. Even in the Walt Disney film production, Hyena became an antagonist in the animated film “Lion King”. However, this depiction of the Hyena is different in its natural life.

“Hyenas are not bad animals or antagonists. Hyenas care for their children well, they also have a high level of intelligence and have cooperation in groups

Hyenas are known as scavengers or the remains of prey from other animals, but they have the ability to hunt large animals such as sheep, goats, donkeys and horses.

Hyena populations are spread across several regions such as northern and eastern Africa, central Asia, India and Asia to southern Siberia. They usually inhabit several habitats such as deserts, bush forests, grasslands, and tropical savanna.

Hyenas are known as unique animals, they are not classified as a family of cats or dogs, but rather have their own classification, Hyaenidae. Hyenas can hear the sounds of predators that will kill their prey within a few kilometers.

“They also have the ability to digest animal body parts that cannot be eaten by other animals such as toenails, horns, hair and ligaments,” he explained.

Currently there are 4 types of Hyenas, namely Striped Hyenas, “The Giggly” Spotted Hyenas, Brown Hyenas and Aardwolf. Striped Hyena is a type of Hyena that visitors can see in the Safari Journey area. There are four Striped Hyenas, two females Manama and Adliya, and two males Hamad and Riffa will enliven the African area on the Bali Safari.

Striped Hyena Bali Safari Marine Park 2
striped Hyna

These solitary hunters sometimes gather in small groups (clans) to eat carcasses. This small group usually consists of one female and several males.

This type has special habits, namely both male and female working together to care for children born. Striped hyenas usually hide in caves, dirt pits, etc. as a place to avoid predators, heat, or cold. When feeling threatened, usually the hair on his mane will stand up, making the hyenas appear 38 percent larger and appear more intimidating predators.

If we compare it to the Lion, Hyna has several uniqueness:

  1. In the group, the Hyena will be led by the Female Hyena, if the lion group is led by a male lion.
  2. When giving birth, female and male hyena will take care of their baby and raise them together. In the lion family, when they give birth they will be cared for by a female lion.
  3. Hyena has a very strong jaw that can chew bones from its prey, while the lion does not chew bones from its prey.

with the new collection of Hyena at Bali Safari will bring more visitors to come and see the hyna. This is first Hyena in Indonesia.

Bali Safari Marine park has the important role to keep the maintain the sustainability of the existing hyna ecosystem in the world so that it can breed in Bali and the next generation can see and learn about this beast.