African Elephant: The Loving Giant

African Elephant: The Loving Giant 1

African Elephant: The Loving Giant


African elephants are the largest mammals that walk on land, soft and loving, sociable and very intelligent. Unfortunately their population continues to decline due to illegal hunting for ivory trade.


Physical Description

African elephants are divided into two, namely bush elephants and forest elephants. Elephant bushes are larger, and are also the largest mammals on earth. The largest size ever recorded has a height of 3.96 m to the shoulder with a weight reaching 10.4 tons. While the highest elephant is 4.21 m to the shoulder and weighs about 8 tons. Meanwhile the African elephant forest has an average height of 2.5 m, and was named the third largest animal on land.

African elephant skin is rough, wrinkled and folded in gray with dark hair. The skin thickness is around 30 mm, enough to protect them from scratching branches, weather, and fights.

Elephant trunk is an extension of the function of the lips and nose, has tens of thousands of muscles and is very sensitive, serves to smell, touch, grab food, drink, clean dirt, attack, make a sound, carry or pull out something.

Its wide ears function to cool off the body, when they flap their ears the air flow will be created, and the inside of the ear will be exposed with many blood vessels that help eliminate body heat.


Nature And Behavior

African elephants like to live in groups with females dominating herds. In the herd, most of the time only consisted of mothers and their children, while male elephants stay away from the group even though they do not go too far because they still have the responsibility of guarding their offspring from danger.

But because these animals are matrilineal, usually the leader of the herd is the oldest female who has much experience in how to live, survive and thrive in the hard terrain of Africa. These tough females bravely lead their herds to distant water and food sources and teach children how to protect themselves.


Threats And Conservation

As an exotic majestic animal, African elephants are threatened by poachers who brutally kill these beautiful creatures for their ivory. The ivory market does promise big profits, especially because of the high demand in Asia.

To protect African elephants, much has been done starting from the law that provides severe punishment for poachers, monitors the movement of elephants in the wild, and also campaigns so that buyers or fans of elephant ivory stop buying ivory for the preservation of African elephants. However, sadly that illegal hunting and ivory trading still continue to this day.


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