Enjoy The Exciting Adventure in Bali Safari Park and Learn About The Surprising Facts About The Lion

Lions at Bali Safari Park

The lion is an animal that gets the nickname of the King of the Forest. The lion is the second largest cat after the tiger. Lions can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, commonly called the West African Lion. Lions can also be found in western India. Lions usually live in grasslands and savannas.

The size of a male lion can reach 250 kg, a weight greater than the size of a female lion. Another difference is also seen in the physical appearance, if the male lion has a mane while the female does not. This mane is the easiest and most famous marker of this species. As for the tail, both male and female lions have feathered tufts at the end of their tails. The mane depicts its brave, brave and strong characteristics.

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The lion’s mane starts to grow when it is about one-year-old with a variety of mane colors. The color of the mane will become darker as the lion ages. Environmental factors can also affect the mane color and mane size. Long mane becomes a marker for the success of the lion’s struggle.

Lions that have a darker mane color may have a longer reproductive life with a higher survival rate. That jam, mane has the main function, which is to protect the neck and throat of the lion in a battle with the enemy. This fight usually occurs because of territorial struggle.

Lions have unique traits and personalities. Lions can eat meat up to 8 kg. In fact, lions spend twenty hours resting and being inactive. You who want to see a lion do not need to go all the way to Africa and India.

You can visit Bali Safari Park. Those of you who like challenging holiday activities can try to enjoy lunch at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Feel the sensation of enjoying different favorite foods. When you eat it will be surrounded by lions, but you don’t need to worry because there is a strong glass barrier that limits you and the lion cage. So when you eat it remains safe and can while watching the lion walk around.

This one animal does have unique characteristics and facts.

Interesting and Unique Facts About Lions

Interesting facts about the King of Forest are as follows:

  • Lions can run at very high speeds, which are 50 miles per hour;
  • The lion can jump as far as 36 feet;
  • The lion’s roar can be heard 5 miles away;
  • The lion can grow to a height of 4 feet with a length of 7 feet;
  • The lion’s heels don’t touch the ground when walking;
  • Lions can be found in protected parks in Gir, India, and sub-Saharan, Africa. This is because natural habitat has been lost;
  • Group lions that can reach 15 lions for each group;
  • The female lion is hunting.

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Meet The Lions

Enjoy The Exciting Adventure in Bali Safari Park and Learn About The Surprising Facts About The Lion 1

Plan your vacation immediately to visit Bali Safari Park, located in Gianyar, Bali. You will meet the king of the jungle in Bali Safari Park. The package that you can book is Breakfast with Lions, where you can enjoy breakfast with a menu of American and Indonesian dishes with views of the lions playing in the morning, a rare experience that can only be found at Bali Safari Park.

However, you can also see various other animals that are also very interesting. The Bali Safari Park design is made as closely as possible with savannah in Africa. Therefore, when you are on vacation in Bali Safari Park you will feel as if you really are in the wild. You can choose the ticket package to your liking.

One package that you can take is the Night Safari package. This package will make you get a different holiday experience. You will enjoy the beauty of Bali Safari Park at night. Besides that, when you want to stay longer in Bali Safari Park, you can stay overnight. You can stay at Mara River Safari Lodge, a resort that is also located in the Bali Safari Park area.

Another package that you can choose is a Leopard 4×4 Safari Package. The facilities of this package are welcome drinks, souvenirs, photos and enjoy lunch at Uma restaurant. You can also see animal shows in general, tiger shows, and also Elephant shows. The animal show performed at Bali Safari Park aims to educate the audience so that they can contribute to preserving the natural habitat of animals. Another benefit that you can get is seeing Bali Agung Show and obtaining Elephant Ride facilities for ten minutes.

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