The Way How to Take Part in Wildlife Conservation in Indonesia

The Way How to Take Part in Wildlife Conservation in Indonesia 1

Bali Safari Park has become a comfortable and safe conservation place for rare and endangered animals in Indonesia. These animals are protected well here in new adjusted to their natural habitat wildlife. This is not only a place for taking care of them, but also the center of information about animals which live in it.

People will get details information about how the habitat of those animals are, how they face the threat of extinct in wildlife and how effective the anticipation of the threat is so far.

You can also take part in wildlife conservation efforts in Indonesia. You don’t need to think too hard and detail about the initial steps you will take. Just starting from simple things. Then, try to do that continuously.

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Searching Information about Rare and Endangered Animals

It is very important to increase our knowledge about rare and endangered animals in our country. When the knowledge stimulate your brain, then you will feel closer to them. You know the habitats they live in, what they consume everyday, what threats they face in the wildlife, up to the unique ways they interact each other or with human being.

Afterwards, you can share these facts to your nearest environment. Then, we could expect that we can build public awareness of the importance of efforts to preserve these animals. Who knows that there will be a brand new movement from the gathering of these enlightened people.

The Way How to Take Part in Wildlife Conservation in Indonesia 2

Visit The Conservation Centers

Visiting many conservation centers as an advance way to preserve wild animals. One of conservation centers you should visit is Bali Safari Park. In this place we can witness directly how these wild animals live and interact with others in daily live. So, we can prove ourselves all the facts we read in articles or books about these animals.

Do not forget to always maintain cleanliness and behavior when you are at this conservation center. If necessary, you can make documentation like photographs or videos there. Then, you can share to other people when you go back home.

Stop Buying Any Wildlife Products

Have you ever observed all items around you? Are they made of natural or artificial materials?  You should be suspicious if the product is made from natural materials. Especially if the price is expensive. The product might be made using materials from a part of body of protected wild animal. They can be fur coats, leather jackets, shoes, accessories from rhinoceros horns, or classy food utensils from elephant tusks or rhinoceros horns.

Stop buying products that are known to be made from these natural materials. Moreover, you can avoid buying wildlife animals. Even though you are able to buy and care for it. Because the wild animals are not to be hurt by being taken part of their bodies or kept away from the wild habitat.

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Use Digital Power

In this digital era, you can use social media or blogs to share your powerful writings about wild animals. Don’t forget to put photos and videos of your visit to the wildlife conservation center. Encourage your readers to participate in this wildlife conservation effort. You also need to provide education about the threats they face in the wild nature.

Keep The Environment Clean

Do not litter trash anywhere you like is one primary point you have to carry in everyday living. As we know that garbage around us can be the damage in the future if humans cannot manage them well.

Do Not Hurt Animals

We also need to contribute in loving animals around us. Like cats or dogs that often roam around the area where we live. You can take them home to be taken care yourself. If it’s not possible, you can bring them to the rescue center for wild animals. In Bali, there are many dogs roam. The residents are helping government in taking care these stray dogs.

Please do visit our website to know more information about this conservation center.

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