Take Unforgettable Moment with Bali Safari Rhino Package

Take Unforgettable Moment with Bali Safari Rhino Package 1

If you are a local tourist, don’t go to the overseas to find the real safari park! You can go to the Bali Safari Park. Likewise, if you are a foreign tourist, visiting this park will complement your trip while in Bali. This place is very amazing because you can see the safari park directly like in Africa. It is one of the best zoo that we ever seen in Indonesia.

With your family, you can take the unforgettable moments in Bali Safari Park. There are many facilities that you can gotten. Bali Safari Park offers some packages for foreign tourists. In these package, there are find 12 kinds as the following:

  1. Jungle hopper package
  2. Dragon package
  3. Adventure package
  4. Breakfast with Lion package
  5. Rhino package
  6. Leopard package
  7. Night safari package
  8. Elephant back safari
  9. Breakfast with Lion + Elephant Back Safari package
  10. Rhino Safari ticket: It similar with the leopard 4×4 safari ticket with the jeep 4×4
  11. Breakfast with lion + Giraffe feeding
  12. Leopard 4×4 Safari ticket: it is not use the bus tram like the other package, so it use the jeep 4×4

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Knowing Bali Safari Rhino Package

In this package for around to see the  animal with Safari Journey program, not only for one time but unlimited. This package include see the elephant activities in their ecosystem. If you want to ride the elephant for 30 minutes, and also require a private hotel transfer, this package is the right choice.

The Inclusions of Rhino Package

Joining some activities when you go to those place, there are:

Safari Journey

It is the one of the inclusions for the tourist. You can see the kinds of animals with the tram bus for unlimited. In this time, you can invite your families to see fun animals. Escape some of animal kinds at the Bali Safari Park by the tram bus that are consist of 15 – 20 people.

Welcome Drink

You will get the welcome drink when you arrive at the Bali Safari Park. At this time, you can get the free drink after you come to this place. It’s very enjoy time before see the animals.

Fresh Water Aquarium

You can see the piranha fishes activities in the big aquarium, so it also suitable for your children.  In this activities, you can find the many kinds of fishes and the  other animals which are live at water.

Elephant Back Safari (12.00/16.30)

For the every tourist, you can get the discount to take less price. In this package, you can invite your family see the elephant in their ecosystem. You can see after make a journey in Bali Safari Park. It is include Elephant Back Safari for 30 minutes.

Lunch Or Dinner At Tsavo Lion Restaurant

You can take a meal at the Tsavo after walk around at the Safari Park. Take some of menu based on your own choice. There are many kinds of foods from the traditional or the western style.

Animal Show (10.30/16.00)

It is an interesting animal education show.  You can choose the time schedule, start at 10.30 or 16.00. You can get the VIP seat facilities in this showing, so you can see the animals performance with the comfortable situation.

Big Cat Show (11.15 – 11.35)

It is the attraction from the big cat or tiger that can you see at this Bali Safari Park. There are some activities of the big cat such as how they run, swim and jump as the predator to hunt his food. It is the unforgettable moment if you go to there moment.  In this activities, you also get the VIP seat.

Elephant Show

In this activities, you can see the performance of the elephants. You can see educate elephant to eat something and making the interaction with their populations and how the elephants care with the other situation, how they survive with the condition.  In addition, you also VIP seat.

Bali Agung Show (Platinum Seat) (Daily 14.30 – 15.30/Except Monday)

In Bali Agung Show, you can see the Bali Folklore in live performance at 14.30 till 15.30. You can see the folklore from Bali in the theater performance directly. In this performance, you can teach with your children as the media.


To make fresh condition, you can join the inclusion facilities such as waterpark. Thus, you can choose the type of pool for swimming.  After feeling tired to go to around the Safari you can play games at the fresh pool at the water splash. It make feel fresh and cool at the weather.


Before go back home, you can get one souvenir after explore the animals in Bali Safari Park. There are many kinds of cute souvenirs that are offered by the facilities of Bali Safari Park.

Tax Included

It include of tax price, so you don’t pay the additional cost in this package.


The Highlight Activities

Take Unforgettable Moment with Bali Safari Rhino Package 2

  • Photo With Orangutan
    Let’s take a picture with fun orangutan. You can invite your children in this fun activity and teach them that orangutan is not scary like they think. Make sure with the children that they will be accompanied with the guidance.
  • Photo With Birds
    It is the wonderful moment because you take a picture with the beautiful color feather. Make sure with your children that they should love them.

It is free if using camera  which its yourself with the flash feature mode off setting. You may use smartphone with flash off setting.


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