Talking About Bali Safari Leopard Package

Bali Safari Leopard Package

If you want to enjoy go looking the animals and their ecosystem like in Africa and India, Bali Safari Park is the appropriate place that you should be visited. It is offering some facilities for you.

Bali Safari Park has the large area for the animals. You can explore those animals with your friend or families. Many packages that you be chosen based your necessities. For the the international tourist, there are 12 packages that are be chosen, such as:

  1. Jungle hopper package
  2. Dragon package
  3. Adventure package
  4. Breakfast with Lion package
  5. Leopard package
  6. Rhino package
  7. Night safari package
  8. Elephant back safari
  9. Breakfast with Lion + Elephant Back Safari package
  10. Breakfast with lion + Giraffe feeding package
  11. Leopard 4×4 Safari ticket: it is not use the bus tram like the other package, so it use the jeep 4×4
  12. Rhino 4×4 Safari ticket: It similar with the Leopard 4×4 safari ticket with the jeep 4×4

Bali safari leopard package is the recommended among the other packages.

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The Inclusions of Leopard Package

Here, the inclusions of the Bali safari leopard package as the following:

Safari Journey (Unlimited And Express Line)

In safari journey, you can see the many kinds of animals that are around in this park. You can see them by the tram bus that are consist of 15 – 20 persons. In there, you can find the kinds and rare of animals.

Welcome Drink

This package is offering welcome drink. You can get it after you arrive at the Bali Safari Park.

Fresh Water Aquarium

You can see the piranha at their ecosystem at the big aquarium. You can find this fish activities at the aquarium. Finding the kinds of fish at the big aquarium, so the children can know the fish at the big aquarium.

Photo with Animal

You can take a picture with orangutan. How the fun of orangutan show that it is not wild. Children should know those character, so they should not afraid. In addition, they can take a picture with the beautiful and interesting bird.

Elephant Ride (10 Minutes)

The children can play with the elephant during 10 minutes, such as riding the elephant. It is the fun activities for children to ride them. It is the way for the children to learn about something with elephants.

Lunch At Uma Restaurant (Buffet) 12.00 – 14.00

After doing some activities, you can eat lunch at Uma restaurant with some menu at 12.00 till 14.00. You can get a meal for the lunch time. You can get the break time for the lunch season with the families.

Tax Included

It include of tax price, so you don’t pay the additional cost in this package.


The Highlight Activities

In addition, this package also offer highlight activities, for the tourist can be join as the following:

Talking About Bali Safari Leopard Package 1

    Animal Education Show (10.30/16.00)

    Animal show is the performance from the animal. You can see the performance like an elephant, or the others. The schedule start at 10.30 or 16.00. The children can see the show attraction that is performed by animals.

    Elephant Show (12.00/16.30)

    Next you can see the elephant activities and how they make the interaction with their population and human. It is the fun activities that is performed by elephants.The activities start from 12.00 or 16.30. You can teach it for the children as the media. Elephants can be used as the media for the teaching English or leaning the other activities that related on the material lesson.

    Bali Agung Show (Gold Seat/Daily/14.30 – 15.30/Except Monday)

    Legendary Bali Agung Show

    You can watch the Bali folklore live in this show that is start from 14.30 till 15.30. When you join to see this show, you can get the gold seat. If you invite your children, you can teach them how the tale of Bali showing directly. The children also know how the performance show the original story from Bali.

    Big Cat Show

    You can see the characteristics of the tiger or big cat directly. In this season, you can see the activities of tiger from predator to prey. In the perception, the tiger is very wild, but in this place, this animals obey with the guidance rule. The big cat sometimes go swim, run, jump and walk based on the guidance asked.


    This is the relax additional activities, you can invite your children to play something in waterpark. To make the fresh day, you can play game at the pools. You can also invite your family to play and swim together.


    After visit this place, you will get the souvenir from Bali Safari Park. Besides, you can buy anything that related on the animals and the zoo.


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