Come On Play to Taman Safari Bali Wildlife Conservation

Come On Play to Taman Safari Bali Wildlife Conservation 1

Did you know if you share this beautiful planet with countless animals and other organisms. Unfortunately with all the human development and progress that we have achieved, it is often easy for us to forget the impact that has on the environment around us.

What is Wildlife Conservation?

Wildlife conservation is a space for the protection of endangered animal species. This not only stops at one point, but also extends to the protection of their habitat, the food chain and the plants they need to survive. Some animal species were unable to adapt quickly to the rapid changes in human development, which resulted in a decline in their population.

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Therefore, the aim of wildlife conservation is to help these animals from total extinction. This rare animal species needs our help to survive in the wild.

Conservation areas have the following characteristics:

  • Characteristics, authenticity or uniqueness of the ecosystem (‘tropical rain forest’ which includes mountains, lowlands, peat swamps, beaches)
  • Important habitat/living space for one or several special species (flora and fauna): endemic (only found somewhere in the whole world), rare, or endangered (such as tigers, orangutans, rhinos, elephants, several species of birds such as eagles) Javanese eagle/eagle, as well as several types of plants such as ramin). These types are usually protected by laws and regulations.
  • A place that has a diversity of natural germplasm.
  • Landscape or geophysical features that are valued aesthetically/scientically.
  • Hydro-orology protection functions: land, water, and global climate.
  • Exploitation of natural natural tourism (lakes, beaches, the presence of interesting wildlife).

Conservation Efforts at Bali Safari Marine Park

Taman Safari Bali does not want to simply be called a zoo, aka a place to exhibit the world of fauna, but also a place to grow and develop animals. Therefore Bali Safari Marine Park can be proud of the success of the conservation program that has been managed for the past few years.

The most recent conservation program now involves preserving and replenishing the Bali Starling population, also known as Bali Mynah. Bali Starling is a bird species that is endemic on the island of Bali.

Besides that, there is also Bali Starling which is threatened with extinction due to habitat loss and human development in Bali. Even the population dropped to only four birds throughout Bali. So sad, isn’t it?

After a successful breeding program at the Bali Safari Park, Bali Starling’s population gradually increased to a healthy number and is being planned to be released once more into the wild.

Bali starling
Bali starling conservation

Other efforts that have been carried out by Bali Safari Park include the rescue and liberation of the Sumatran Tigers and the establishment of Elephant Conservation centers in Way Kambas to help abandoned elephants find homes.

Recently Bali Safari Park has also been working with Taman Safari Indonesia in an effort to create a breeding program for Komodo.

All of this is done not only for animals, but also our best interests to preserve wild life and the environment in which we live. By doing so, it means that we have provided opportunities for future generations to learn and continue the legacy that we have built for them.

Taman Safari Bali continues to struggle in the preservation of endangered animal species and educates the public to bring awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation. Are you ready to take part in saving wildlife? Show your best action by visiting Bali Safari Park! By visiting Bali Safari Park you indirectly donate to the lives of wildlife in the future. You have also helped the Bali Safari program by looking at these animals.

Don’t forget after you visit Bali Safari, tell us about your serum experience on social media that you have so that more people will get to know Bali Safari and its conservation efforts.

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