The Tanah Lot is Possibly The Most Photographed Temple in Bali

Tanah Lot Temple

The fascinating Bali Island, located in the Indonesian Archipelago and one of Asia’s ultimate tourist destinations, has attracted millions of travelers to visit it since the first decade of the 20th century.

So what motivates people on this exciting island to flock? Most of them were thoroughly seduced by the amazing physical beauty and cultural complexity of the island and inspired them. They were also fascinated by the Balinese’s warm welcome and the incredible breadth of artistic expression that pervaded everyday life.

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So what are the things you should do and the places you should definitely visit when you’re going on a Bali vacation?

Most Photographed Sea Temple, Tanah Lot

Bali has plenty of exotic sites to see and enjoy, but The Tanah Lot Temple is the most well-known and photographed. This unique temple was developed by Danghyang Nirartha in the Majapahit era a long time ago. It is situated in the Tabanan Western Bali region. It is a sea temple that is not so large but remarkable, steady on a massive offshore rock. The rock was carved by incoming tides apart from the land by a stone basin. Tanah Lot, with its separate black towers and foliage tufts spilling across the cliffs, recalls the delicacy of a Chinese painting.

The Indian Ocean surfing’s natural rejuvenating energies, the vigorous sea air, the sparkling black sand beach and the fabulous sunset view (weather permitted) enhance this holy place of Tanah Lot’s extraordinary Temple. The dramatic and phenomenal setting is a good time to see it every evening attracting crowds to these shores.

Tanah Lot sunset
Tanah Lot beautiful sunset

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Walk up to the temple at low tide and climb up to the left while sitting on the top of the cliff while enjoying a bottle of pepsi in the scarlet sunset. Get ready for the panoramic sunset with your on smartphone or digital camera. Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s favorite full day trips as Tanah Lot sunset tours.

Tanah Lot is one of the prestigious and holy temples of the sea for the Balinese. Like Uluwatu Temple on the island’s southern end. In tourism literature on Bali, the name of Tanah Lot Temple almost never skip.

So choose this paradise island for your holiday, go online and search for your best accommodation in your favorite hotels in Bali and do not miss the most photographed Tanah Lot temple in Bali.

This is just one of the places you should definitely visit in Bali. There are just so many other interesting places to visit in Bali that you should try to explore. If you want to enhance your knowledge of Indonesian, India and African wildlife, visit to Bali Safari Park is a great choice for every travelers.

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