Taste The Different Wedding Concept in Bali Safari Park

Taste The Different Wedding Concept in Bali Safari Park 1
Photo source: Bali Safari Marine Park

Marriage is once-in-a-life-time moment that is certainly coveted by many couples in the whole world. In order to create the best moment, many couple decide to use strange, unique, u unusual, or even extreme concepts of marriage.

Some do marriages on the mountain and only invite some colleagues as witnesses to the marriage. Then, there was a wedding on a plane which then ended with skydiving with a partner and cabin crew. Meanwhile, sea and beach lovers will not miss the opportunity to get married on a cruise ship with the tip of the trip wearing fins and throwing themselves into the sea for romantic dives.

Then, how about you animal lovers? Or maybe you who want to have an unusual experience getting married in the wildlife in a safari park?

Bali Safari Marine Park is the right place for you animal lovers and those who want something different for the concept of once-in-a-lifetime marriage.

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Taste The Different Wedding Concept in Bali Safari Park 2

Why Should Bali Safari Park

There are several advantages to choosing Bali Safari Park as a wedding venue. Here they are.

  • It’s in Bali, the island of Paradise. Everything about Bali is natural beauty, astonishing, entertaining, stunning, creative, and unforgettable. Do you think you can refuse to hold the wedding in Bali? When you finally decide to hold the wedding in Bali Safari Park, you can follow the map to Gianyar, Bali.
  • Bali Safari Park makes it easy for you to choose the best wedding venue from all types of diverse venues that certainly make you confused. When you decide to choose Bali Safari Park as your wedding venue, obviously it will be a unique and particular concept. Every guest who comes will definitely sees you as a nature or animal lover. The guests will be greeted with beautiful decorations with shades of wild nature that make goose bumps until you wonder,”Am I in Africa?”
  • Bali Safari Park offers you the exclusive wedding packages. There are two different wedding packages. They are Bali Safari Marine Park Wedding Package and Elephant Safari Park Wedding. Each package consists of its own set of offerings and decorations.
  • The price of package offered is very worth-it. You will get what you pay for. A beautiful place, great decoration that can be adapted to your taste, goose bumps atmosphere of the wildlife, and obviously it invites yourself to remember those happy moments from the professional photo shots provided by Bali Safari Park.
  • After the wedding day, you can continue with honeymoon in Bali Safari Park or the area around Gianyar. Don’t you know that Bali is a paradise island that provides millions of fun on your special day?

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Wedding Packages

Bali Safari Park wedding packages starting from the price 35 million rupiahs including:

  • Decoration for the ceremony area (fresh local flowers), two flowers stand as entrances, two Balinese umbrellas stand, an altar table (fresh local flower decorations), flowers for virgin roads, and hand bouquets for the bride.
  • Wedding cake, wedding drinks, wedding board, 20 Tiffany chairs.
  • One night stay at Mara River Safari Lodge, fresh flower bath, lunch or dinner for couples.
  • Safari elephant ride for couples, animal encounter, Traditional Balinese Rindik music, sound system.

Bali Safari Marine Park Wedding Package

This package gives you decorative flowers throughout the place, including beautiful Frangipani flowers for the bouquet of the Bride and Boutonniere for the Groom, which symbolizes intense love and eternal bond. The Bride and Groom will also receive document-processing assistance in Bali.

Elephant Safari Park Wedding

This wedding package is full with the atmosphere of the tropical wild life. Bridesmaids wearing authentic Balinese attires will welcome a couple with a wedding arch. The bridal couple will be accompanied with the traditional Balinese orchestra to a forest-themed Pergola in the center of the elephant Safari Park.

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