The Actual Facts About Ostrich

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Have you ever heard a piece of information that says if ostriches often bury their heads in sand or soil to avoid enemies? This information is not entirely correct. In fact, ostriches do not actually bury their heads in sand or soil. They only lower their high necks, then lay their heads on the ground. They also use the feathers of the body to cover themselves to trick their predators.

The height of ostrich reaches more than 2 meters. Ostrich is also considered to be the largest bird in the world. Their body weight reach 120 kilograms for male ostriches and 100 kilograms for female ostriches.

No wonder if these poultry animals are often used as human mounts and even competed in a race in parts of North Africa because of their speed in running that reach 70 kilometers per hour.

Wanna know more about ostriches? These are the facts about them!

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Tiny Brain

This warm-blooded animal has beautiful eyes with large eyeballs. The diameter of their eyeballs reach 5 cm which is even larger than their brain. This small brain capacity is considered to affect their behavior when dealing with predators. They will not escape to avoid predators, but they will drop their heads on the ground as if they’re fainted. This is the instinct that makes them able to survive.

The Actual Facts About Ostrich 1

Long Powerful Legs

Ostriches stand out for the neck and long legs. That’s why ostriches can quickly accelerate to speeds of 70 kilometers per hour and this is the fastest among other birds. Ostrich use his long legs as a weapon to kick forward in order to overthrow or kill their predators.

Meanwhile, there are only two fingers on each leg. So amazing. This fast runner can run speedy with only these slender fingers. Even the two long legs look frail. But, the speed of their running is truly undeniable.

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Wonderful Wings

Ostrich is unique bird. It has wings, but it cannot fly. Even so, it doesn’t mean that feathered wings are just embellishment. The wings have their own unique function. The ostrich can spread his wings to the length of 2 meters.

When the wings are stretched, they will look disproportionate to the slender neck and legs. However, ostrich will spreads the wings to protect its chicks from the sun’s heat. These spanned wings are also useful when ostrich turns to the left or right at high speed.

Another amazing thing about the wings is when spanned, the wings can attract the spouse during the mating season. Male ostrich will flap the wings to attract female ostrich. Then, marriage can certainly occur.

Feathers on the body and wings of ostrich were often taken as ornaments of women caps in Europe. As we know that a cap or hat for European woman is her pride and show her social class.

Not only feathers, ostrich meat is also hunted by nobles in ancient Roman times. This meat is considered to increase male stamina as it has protein, iron, and high calcium and also low fat. The ostrich prey continued until the 19th century.

Then, the ostrich cultivation movement emerged in South Africa. The breeders take baby ostriches in the wild nature to be taken care and raised. When the ostrich grown up, the breeders can harvest the feathers every 8 months. They can also take the skins and the nutritious meats.

Incubated Eggs

Ostrich is a great example for cooperative partners in life. Male and female ostriches spouse will take turns incubating their eggs. Female ostrich will incubate eggs during the day because the feather will blend in with the sand during the day.

Then, the male ostrich will incubate the same eggs at night by covering them with the super black feathers. Eggs will also be safe from predatory attacks at night.

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