The Balance in Life with Wildlife Conservation

The Balance in Life with Wildlife Conservation 1

The increasing quality of life is the purpose of life for all humanity on Earth. A better life from day to day certainly brings happiness to our life. When we are happy, so we can continue life and be healthy. This should be accepted too by wildlife. Wildlife requires a human touch to make it sustainable and continuously beneficial for all inhabitants of the Earth.

And now, how about our action towards wildlife conservation in order to balance life on Earth? Do we want to keep silent to see a lot of prey in wildlife for satisfaction of the hunters?

Maybe you need to know some important information about the importance of wildlife conservation before taking action. Here are the explanations.

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Bali starling
Bali starling conservation at Bali Safari Park

Agriculture is Very Dependent on The Wildlife

In agriculture, the pollination process is a sector that plays an important role. This process requires wild animals like insects or birds that can spread plant seeds. Can you imagine, what if these insects and birds become extinct in the wildlife? It is obvious that the pollination process will be hampered.

The seeds of plants cannot grow properly. The harvest will be dropped. The impact will soon be approaching humans whereas the needs of food like vegetables, fruits, and grains cannot be fulfilled.

When the pollination goes well, it can save the food chain on Earth and humans are not threatened by lack of food. If only one food chain is cut off, then this life becomes unbalanced. For instance, when plants cannot grow properly, livestock will find it difficult to get fresh food everyday.

Furthermore, farmers will anticipate it by providing instant food that they can buy at the market. However, if it continues to do, the quality of our cattle will decrease, so that humans will also get the bad impact like consuming bad meat that can cause constipation problems. It’s very dangerous, right?

Maintaining Eco-system

The eco-system now has become our ideal goal in the future. However, there are too many obstacles in the process of its maintaining. Here are some of them:

  • The lack of public awareness about the importance of maintaining the eco-system. People continue the bad habbit to throw garbage into the river where many fish live. The fish are contaminated with waste which will ultimately endanger the health of the people who consume it.
  • Opening the new land for housing that must sacrifice the forest as a place to live certain animals and plants.
  • The coastline is currently being pounded for the construction of resorts or other modern residences. This can cause turtles lose their place to incubate their eggs.

The Balance in Life with Wildlife Conservation 2

Wildlife Provide Medicine For All

Have you ever realized if day by day the health products like multivitamins circulate in the market? Most products are made from extracts of plant body parts like flowers, leaves, seeds, and roots. Other products are made of oil or liquid and flesh of animals like sea cucumbers and bees.

All are beneficial for humans’ health and longevity. Moreover, the researchers nowadays have focused on the discovery of brand new medicine for rare and difficult to cure disease such as cancer. They get the medicinal ingredients from nature such as papua red fruit.

Wildlife Conservation in Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park took part in the procurement of conservation centers. This place is one of the best conservation centers that Indonesia has. One of the newest Bali Safari Park conservation programs involve preserving and replenishing endemic bird population in Bali, Bali Mynah.

Do visit our website to book an available packages and get details information about wildlife conservation. And don’t forget to visit Bali Safari Park in Gianyar, Bali to get closer to our wildlife animals.

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