The Endangered Animals and The Threats They Face in The World

Giant Panda

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘extinct’? It could be ‘run out’ or ‘nothing left’ and ‘no trace in the world’. Perhaps like that. Those three phrases might happen to the following animals the last few years. And might be ongoing the years ahead if humans do not find solution to overcome the  extinction of these animals.

There are so many endangered animals in this world. Bali Safari Park Gianyar focuses on some of these animals as they are considered to be at risk of extreme extinction.

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Giant Panda

Giant panda is a type of bear. This giant panda is the most popular bear because its behavior is adorable, soft, and easy to love.

Giant pandas are now truly in endangered condition. Their numbers in wildlife are increasingly shrinking. Only a few live in six separate mountains in China. The agricultural factor also causes this panda habitat to be separated. This giant panda food is only bamboo with less nutritional value.

In one day, giant pandas can eat around 20 kilograms of bamboo. During the winter, giant pandas do not hibernate like other bears. Giant pandas only move to places with warmer climates below.

Siberian Tiger

The entire continent of Asia has been a territory or habitat of tigers. Now the numbers of the tigers are declining and most of them live in American zoos rather than in the wildlife in Asian region.

The tigers which are very territorial animals currently face a big threat of extinction as a result of poaching and human encroachment (increasing human population). Especially the Siberian tigers.

Tigers prey on buffaloes, deer, and pigs. They sometimes prey for crocodiles and pythons. Some tigers are known attack humans and pets or livestocks. This makes people afraid and starts hunting for tigers. Tigers only meet each other during the mate season which is usually around November to April.

The Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran orangutan
Sumatran orangutan. Photo source:

Sumatran orangutan only exist in the wildlife in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. The number of orangutans has shrunk to the remaining 20 percent in the wild. This threat of extinction occurs as a result of illegal logging in habitats of Orangutan to obtain timber and agriculture. The human encroachment also the biggest threat of Sumatran orangutan extinction.

The Bonobo Ape

Bonobo ape

Maybe Bonobo Apes sound unfamiliar among other apes and chimphanzees. The circulating educational information about this social animal also seems very little. A herd of bonobos found only in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their habitat is very limited. Bonobos also face the biggest threat from hunters who kill and sell them for bush meat.

Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle

How beautiful and grace the shell and skin of this hawksbill turtle is. Like natural painting that soothe all tropical and sub-tropical seas. Unfortunately, the beauty of its skin has brought it to a big threat. The population of hawksbill turtle has been reduced currently by 80 percent. The threat of extinction occurred because of the widespread trade in hawksbill shells, meat hunting, and excessive collection of hawksbill eggs.

Meanwhile, the increasing of human population around the coast has contributed to the habitat destruction of hawksbill turtles.

Fin Whale

This whale has a long and slender posture. It has been the target of poaching since the 20th century.  More than 750 thousand fin whales were killed. The amount of fin whales in the world’s oceans is only 30 thousand now.

The fin whale is hunted for its meat, fin and oil. Even in Iceland, hunters are very vile in killing fin whales. When they saw fin whales around their ship, they would fire a cannon to the whale. The spearheas was fitted with a grenade to pierce the body of the fin whale. Then, this whale will be pulled by a hunter ship to the fishing station.

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