The Reason Why We Should Protect Wildlife

The Reason Why We Should Protect Wildlife 1

As the creature who has perfect mind, we should always pay attention to other creatures on Earth. Including animals and plants that live in wildlife. Some of the flora and fauna that live in wildlife are at their wit’s end. They are in the list of protected animals. They are protected because they are endangered.

One of the factors that caused the extinction was due to human deed as well. Humans hunt them for pleasure and material gain. They forget to cultivate more. As we know that cultivating and preserving the flora and fauna of the wild also has positive impact on human life itself. For example, it is good to prevent the breaking of the food chain.

Here are several strong reasons why we should protect our wildlife.

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Bali starling
Bali starling conservation at Bali Safari Park

Source Of Life

Nature is the only source of human life. Both animals and plants provided by the Mother Nature, all work together to create food sources, board resources, and clothing sources to fulfill the needs of human life. Unfortunately, humans often ignore the existence of nature, what nature has given us so far. Even the fossils of ancient animals can make people travel for business trip from one city to another or from one country to another.

We are very dependent on nature. Even to get the best oxygen intake. Forests as a place to live for wildlife, are the lungs of the world that continue to work for the benefit of many people. Please stop destroying the forest for open the new land, illegal logging, and fulfilling massive industrial needs.

Provide Medicine

We need to be grateful for living in Indonesia which has abundant natural wealth. Almost everything available in our nature can be used by humans because it is rich in nutrients and can be used as medicine. Is it minor ailments or serious and rare disease such as cancer.

Can you imagine if the availability of food and medicine is decreasing in the nature? What will happen with the suffers? Their life expectancy will decrease, too.

Enemy of Pests

Wild plants have long been enemies of pests. We should be grateful to the help of these wild plants. Because of them, the disruptive pests that cover food sources of human can be driven away. If these wild plants are decreasing in number or become extinct, then humans will have difficulty in fighting pests.

There is a technique used by farmers in overcoming pests using wild plants namely refugia technique. This is the way of controlling pests using plants planted on the outskirts of agricultural land to attract insects that eat plant pests. Wild plants that can be used as refugia include pentoi beans, setaria grass, and legetan flowers.

The Inspiration

Nature has been the a source of inspiration in our life. Many objects around us are designed based on inspiration from nature. Don’t you recognize the design of arplane that is similar to a bird that has wings and tail? What about a certain car brand whose name are taken from the name of animals in the wildlife? The wildlife is truly an unlimited inspiration for all aspects of human life.

The Reason Why We Should Protect Wildlife 2

Wildlife Conservation in Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Marine Park is a pioneer of conservation center that protect wildlife. At first, only endemic Balinese animals were protected and treated in this conservation area. Then, Bali Safari Park leads to a larger scheme  of wildlife conservation for human survival.

When you visit Bali Safari Marine Park, you will see some of our protected animals that live in peace. No one can threat them anymore. We hope you will come to see them immediately in Bali Safari Park. Don;t forget to visit our website before your coming.

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