The Unique Watusi, Have You Ever Seen?

The Unique Watusi, Have You Ever Seen? 1

The Unique Watusi, Have You Ever Seen?

Bali Safari has a large collection of unique animals. One that often makes the visitors curious is Watusi. What is that? None other than a giant horned cow from Africa. The horn length can reach 2 meters! Amazing, isn’t it?

Watusi is one of the collections of animals that are owned by Taman Safari Indonesia III which are located at Bali Safari Marine Park. Besides being able to be found at Bali Safari Marine Park, Watusi can also be found at Cisarua Safari Park, Bogor and Prigen Safari Park.

The Characters Of Watusi

Watusi is a unique animal. We can see its uniqueness from its physical appearance. The giant horns really attract attention. When you have the opportunity to take a safari to Bali Safari, you must pay close attention to Watusi’s appearance, it is truly amazingly dashing!


Watusi’s horn is indeed the most striking compared to other body parts. This horn is used by Watusi as a defense tool. Watusi’s longest horn record ever recorded by the Guinness World Resords reaches 10 meters from end to end. Wow!

Besides the cool horns, Watusi’s body is different from cattle or buffaloes in general. The color of the body tends to be reddish brown. The size of the body is actually not too much different from the local cows, only when seen, it looks like it’s taller huh?

From the information we gathered, Watusi has the full name Ankole-Watusi. Its distribution in the African Continent includes the countries of Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and several countries in East Africa.


In relation to humans, SapiAnkole-Watusi has been preserved since ancient times by tribes in the interior of Africa such as the Tutsi, Bahima, Kivu and Ankole Tribes. These tribes use Watusi to take their milk.

The same is true for cows that are considered sacred by several regions in Indonesia, especially those that used to be Hindu. Some tribes even consider Watusi as a sanctified animal. Watusi is also considered a symbol of the owner’s wealth. The more watusi has, the more wealthy someone in the eyes of the people.

SapiAnkole-Watusi is able to survive in bad weather, and in limited food and beverage conditions. This ability to survive has allowed them to breed well and become the beloved pet of the African tribe.

Although native to Africa, don’t worry. Friends who want to see Watusi can visit the nearest Safari Park. Also invite brothers, sisters, husbands, children, relatives to neighbors to see this unique animal. This animal is quite tame and can be approached by humans. But remember, stay alert and prioritize your own safety. If the ranger warns to stay away, we recommend that you listen carefully. Happy holidays and learning about animals at Bali Safari marine park.