Thrilling Adventure at Night Safari in Bali Safari Park

night safari bali

You might have known about the night safari in Singapore? This is a very popular tourist attraction in Singapore. People come to feel the sensation of visiting the home of wild animals. Here in Indonesia, we also have the nocturnal concept tourist attraction that certainly has its own attraction.

Bali Safari Park doesn’t only have safari tour packages during the day. Special for those who want to feel the different thrilling adventure at the hours when people are sleeping sound, Bali Safari Park provide the night safari.

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Welcoming Visitors

One day before your arrival, you certainly have booked this Safari Night Package. We suggest you at least one day before your coming. There are many ways to order this thrilling adventure package. One of them is through our website

When you arrive at our lobby, you will be greeted with a typical wild African atmosphere. Then, we will serve you a welcome drink and hospitality while while taking a break for the next activity.

After 6 p.m., we are ready with a number of safety equipment to take you and other visitors to watch nightlife of lions, tigers, and other family members (animals) here. You must be curious at how they move at night, right? Do they fall asleep or even hold a night hunt?

paket night safari bali

Witness The Nocturnal Wildlife

The visitors will be taken on a customized designed cage tram. One tram contains ten visitors, including a guide and two guards. A guide will inform you the whole part of this safari night. He will calm you down when you may feel horrified and tense as the animals approaching you. No need to worry. You are guaranteed safe while witnessing the animals that are commonly roam in the savannah of Africa.

In the middle of the night with only accompanied by the dim garden lights, visitors can watch real time or live how elephants, zebras, and giraffes interact each other. This is obviously a different scene from the interaction you see during the day.

These animals occasionally will approach your tram. They will look into the tram, sniff around, breathe close to your neck, and even lick the tram or food you hand out.

Not only that. Maybe the King of the Jungle and the fierce tigers will come over, too. This big cat is hunting for food at night. In one night the tigers need to feed on up to 27 kilograms of meat. In the wildlife, tigers usually hunt for bigger prey like deer, warthogs, or even grogs and monkeys.

The Never Ending Nocturnal Adventure

After having scrolling around by tram, you breathe to relieve your tense as you have ’come out’ the lion ‘cage’. Then, you can go back to the lobby. There will be waiting the majestic elephant, exotic birds, and serpent writhing calmly snake. You can relax for a moment in the lobby or maybe in your room.

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Fire Show dance

For those who want to spend the rest of night with more fun, just come to the Nkuchiro Bar & Grill. Here you can enjoy all you can eat barbecue dishes while accompanied by music from the Dj in chief. You also can enjoy the African panorama around you while eating your meal and talking with fellow travelers.

Furthermore, you can also explore our other tourist attractions such as Bali Agung Show, Safari Journey, Waterpark, Elephant safari, and Tsavo Lion Restaurant. You can get it by taking other available packages such as Dragon Package, Jungle Hopper package, Elephant Back Safari, etc.

In Tsavo Lion Restaurant, you can enjoy delectable cuisine while seeing lions outside through full-length glass panels. This King of the Jungle looks so proud of himself. And you inside maybe want to share your food to him.

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