Traveling Facilities and Tips For Bali Safari with A Baby

Traveling Facilities and Tips For Bali Safari with A Baby 1
Photo: Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is one of the tourist destinations that is currently favored by many tourists, both from domestic and abroad. One of the things that makes Bali Safari visited by many tourists, especially family tourists, because the collection of animals owned is very complete.

The animals in the Bali Safari are well maintained, so children will definitely be very happy to be invited to see the animal world in this place. The animal world that was originally possible only in their shadow, now can be seen clearly before the eyes.

Apart from the many animals that can be shown and introduced to children, Bali Safari Park is equipped with many facilities that greatly help visitors to enjoy fauna tours. Even if you are a small family that has a baby, don’t worry about being complicated. There are many facilities provided by Bali Safari for families who have babies. What are the facilities? Look at it!

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Baby Stroller & Wheel Chair rental services is available at Bali Safari and Marine Park
Baby Stroller & Wheel Chair rental services

Facility 1: A Friendly Stroller Footpath

Many tourist attractions in Indonesia are not friendly to using a stroller. Either the road is rocky or too swooping to make it difficult for visitors who bring their babies in the stroller. But don’t worry, in Bali Safari this will not happen. The trail provided for visitors is very friendly to use the stroller.

It’s also easy for visitors to park their stroller for a moment because the baby is bored on the stroller and wants to know the animals that are there.

Tip: Use a lightweight stroller and is specifically designed for traveling, making it easier to carry, not too big and doesn’t need much space.

Facility 2: Child Friendly Toilet and Change Rooms

Do you often feel sad when you are walking with your child and baby but when using the toilet there is no child-friendly one? It will not happen when you are traveling to Bali Safari with a baby. In Bali Safari all toilets and changing rooms are very friendly and comfortable for babies and children. From the selection of basins and selected interiors that are comfortable for children.

Tip: When walking outdoors with babies, wear baby clothes that are comfortable and easy to absorb sweat. Wear a hat, leggings and clothes that cover the body so that the baby is not disturbed by UVA/B rays.

souvenir outlet at main lobby
Souvenir outlet shop

Facility 3: Family Friendly Staff Staff

Have you ever visited a tourist spot where the staff were bitchy and their faces were not friendly when asked for help? You will not find it when traveling to Bali Safari, all Bali Safari employees have been given assistance to serve visitors in a friendly and appropriate manner.

Even if you meet unfriendly employees, you can report the employee to the Bali Safari HRD so that the employee can be reprimanded and given further guidance.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to ask staff employees for help when you’re confused about finding a location or confusing thing.

Traveling with a baby does require a little preparation, including when taking your baby to Bali Safari. You must prepare your baby’s needs such as comfortable clothes, replacement diapers, food and drinks so the baby will feel happy to be on the trip.

Let the baby adapt to the atmosphere, do not immediately force the baby to immediately want to see animals or interact with other people. If the baby is comfortable, he will respond to his new environment very well and is not fussy.

Traveling to Bali Safari with a baby will be very fun because Bali Safari is equipped with many family-friendly facilities, children and babies. So when will you arrange your vacation schedule to Bali Safari? Have fun!

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