Truth Unreveal Facts About Elephant

Truth Unreveal Facts About Elephant 1

This super large mammal has 2 species, namely African and Asian elephant. They are easily recognizable since they have big figures, natural tough color, super wide proboscis, and solid wonderful ivory. The hunters often focused on their ivories.

The researchers endlessly find out what makes elephant targeted for the ivory. They also curious for anything about this intelligent, calm, and highly social animal. Even these land mammals are a source of inspiration as they have strong memories.

Tulus, a famous Indonesian singer, made an album entitled ‘Gajah’, which later on brought him to a lot of involvement in elephant care programs. Then, there was a grandmaster of memory from Indonesia, Yudi Lesmana, who wrote a book called Memorizing Like An Elephant. How beneficial inspiration it is.

However, don’t you know that elephants still have a myriad of astonishing unrevealed facts? Here are some rarely revealed facts about elephant.

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Beautiful Brain

The big body of an elephant is balanced with a large brain size. That is the beautiful thing happens to elephants. It’s very different from ostriches that have high and heavy bodies, but they have a brain size that is even smaller than their eyes.

The adult elephants have a brain weighing 5.4 kilograms. The brain capacity allows elephants to have  good memories. They are intelligent, too.  a lot of research on elephant memory has been done by using various methods to be able to enforce this beautiful fact.

The researcher in Tanzania studied the behavior of old female elephants who lead the elephants’ group in droughts. The 30—year-old female elephant then left this drought area to look for water, so that many members of group could survive. This old female elephant remembered the drought that had happened to her group some time ago and she knew what to do.

Other research was done by giving elephant a mirror. This elephant could have been remembered his reflection some years later. They also can remember their caretakers and strangers who might have only recently met. So, be careful when you have the encounter with elephant. He will definitely remember you more than your ex-boyfriend.

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Truth Unreveal Facts About Elephant 2

The Mathematical Abilities

There was one training in Japan for Asian elephants. This species had been training to use a touch screen computer. Incredibly, they showed their mathematical skills when counting the sum of fruits on the touch screen computer.

The Unrevealed Skills of Elephants

People do not recognize that elephants can swim. His big body actually has amazing buoyancy when on the water. They can also lift their trunks when crossing a deep river.

When on the land, elephant has the extraordinary ability to hear infrasonic sounds through their feet. When they want to do remote communication with other groups of elephants, they often make low noise that can travel 6 miles away.

The Way They Eat and Sleep

Elephants are not lazy animals even though they have super big bodies. An elephant only sleeps 4 hours a night. They rarely sleep while lying down. Instead of sleeping well, most elephants actually spend their rest time while standing. It is very difficult to sleep well for elephants.

The weight of Asian elephants is between 3,000 to 5,000 kilograms. While, African elephants have weight between 4,000 and 7,000 kilograms. No wonder if elephants eat in large quantities. No one has ever examine the exact sum how many kilograms of food they eat, but an elephant obviously can spend 16 hours of time just to eat.

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When In Gloomy Feeling

Researchers have observed a lot that elephants can cry in order to show sadness. This was proved when they were released from the cruel zoo and circus shows. A herd of elephants entertained each other by touching physically and making a call when they felt another else was in trouble and gloomy.

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