Visit Macaw: The New World Parrot in Bali Safari Park

Visit Macaw: The New World Parrot in Bali Safari Park 1

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “New World”? Is that a new concept? Or maybe new treatment to the creature does exist in wildlife conservation? Whatever you think, in parrot world, “new world”  means the type of parrot originating from rainforest habitat. This type of parrot is also a type of pet that is usually taken care by humans.

For your brief information, there are Old World and New World parrots.

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Old World Parrots

Old World parrots refer to parrots in Europe, Africa and Asia regions. They are including African parrots, cocktiel, cockatoo, African grey and love birds. These Old World parrots are more popular and also the most dusty. The feathers that fell around us were also very dusty.

Old World parrots come from drier habitats than New World parrots habitats. Therefore, Old World parrots are quite vulnerable to drought conditions. Species like cockatoos and African grays are famous for finding new food sources with their own exploration. Naturally, parrots are a type of forager bird. However, Old World parrots are very good at exploring the source of food in wildlife.

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Visit Macaw: The New World Parrot in Bali Safari Park 2

New World Parrots

The New World refers to the Western Hemisphere like America and the islands in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. For the New World parrots species including Amazon, Pionus, Macaws, Conure, Caiques, quaker parakeets, and parrotlets.

The New World parrot according to poultry researcher, is prone to anorexia, loss of body condition, depression, regurgitation, and passing undigested food in feces. Amazon, Macaw, Pionus, parrotlet, and Conure species often experience these common symptoms. This seems to be the concern of conservation centers when they want to treat them.

On the other hand, most New World parrots species develop rapid immune responses, clear the viruses and classic diseases such as Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). Old World parrot species are far more susceptible to PBFD than the New World parrot species. Macaw is the New World parrot species that is strong in warding off viruses and diseases.

Macaw is very different species that other parrot species. From his physical appearance you can find the special thing about Macaw. Macaw has colorful feathers with a long tail. There are several Macaw species that you need to know before visiting Bali Safari Marine Park. They are Hyacinth Macaw, Hahn’s Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Blue-and-Gold Macaw, and Green-Winged Macaw.

Don’t forget to visit our website for further information about parrots. Here are some interesting things about Macaw.

Well-Taken Care Pet

Macaw is a type of personal pet that has been known for hundred of years. Neotropical parrot Macaw originates from Central and South America. Its body size is relatively large with colorful feathers that cover their bodies from head to long tail. The larger Macaw Hyacinth can grow to 3 and a half feet long with a wingspan of 60 inches wide. While the Mini Macaw only 12 inches in length.

Macaw is known less susceptible to small disturbances around them.  Macaw life span is very long from 60 up to 80 years. This graceful bird is often found even longer life span that its owner.

The Social Flock Of Macaw

Macaws like to interact with their environment. No wonder if they are dubbed as social bird flocks. In the natural habitat, even one group of macaws consists of 30 birds.

They are receptive to sound. One of their habits is to exercise their vocals on average for 5 to minutes per day. Macaw does have a beautiful voice. The habit of practicing their vowels aims to attract the attention of other macaws and to interact with humans. Sometimes if they’re alone, vocal practicing is kind of entertain themselves with sweet singing.

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