What To Bring On Bali Safari Park Visit?

What To Bring On Bali Safari Park Visit? 1

Please find some Advise on your Visit to Bali Safari Marine Park. We are happy to share with you about What to Bring on Bali Safari Park Visit ?

Bali is known as one of the most exotic tourism spot in the world. In this gorgeous island you might find both amazing-looking beaches and cultural heritage that exists for more than centuries.

Modern touch of facility combined with amazing culture made this island sounds like paradise for all adventurer in the world.

There is one of the charm that usually forgotten whenever a discussion about Bali tourism spot.

This charm is the amazing nature and animal Bali, and the whole Indonesia have. Indonesia is a home for many different species of animal, both in land and under its sea.

Here you can also find some unique animal that are endemic from Indonesia’s archipelago, which means you cannot find it anywhere else but Indonesia.

This is why, having a safari adventure in Indonesia is something that actually you have to try. One of the best place to visit if you are in Bali and want to meet exotic animals is Bali Safari Park.

On you day visit at Bali Safari, you also aware about what to Bring on Bali Safari park visit for your convenience vacation with your family.

This safari park in located in Gianyar area, not far from other popular tourist attractions. When on vacation to this park, of course you have to pay attention to what you have to bring.

What to Bring on Bali Safari Park vacation?

Just like another safari journey, you have to make sure to wear a safari-friendly clothes during your visit.

Make sure your clothes are comfortable enough for walking around. As the safari park is usually set in a very wildlife-like setting, so it’s important to wear something that not easily get dirty and make you easy to move.

As Bali located in equator area where sun always appear, you can also wear a sunglasses to prevent direct sunlight from your eyes.

It is also recommended that you bring sun protector for your skin. This is important to prevent you from suffering sunburn during you vacation, especially If you have a sensitive skin.

It is also recommended to wear a protective clothing to protect your skin even more.

If you are having a night safari another thing you probably need is a mosquito spray. The spray is also recommended to bring to prevent you from getting a disturbance during young enjoyable time.

It will help you get rid of mosquito and bugs that can be around during nighttime, especially when you join Night Safari Bali program.

To help you enjoy a picnic-like time with your family or friends while surrounded by beautiful green views of the safari park, Bali Safari Park of course also provide a restaurant.

So you don’t have to worry if you want to fill your stomach while doing your safari. As Bali Safari Park provide many attraction that cannot be founded in other places, bringing some photos or video as a memorabilia is also important.

what to bring on bali safari marine park visit
What to bring on Bali Safari Marine Park visit?


From the above article we can take conclusin with some list that you need to bring on your visit at Bali Safari & marine Park, please find list below:

  1. Please bring cash or Card : You need it if you pay your ticket package once your arrival at Bali Safari park, as they received all majority credit card. If you bring cash will help you easily pay the food and drinks at food corner or cafetaria.
  2. Sun lotion; You need it as the sun in tropical country is very strong, its can burn your skin become red like grilled lobster.
  3. Sun Glasses: As sun very strong, protect your eyes from ultraviolet.
  4. Hat also need to bring to protect your face from sun attack.
  5. ‘Mosquito spray need to bring along as we tropical country with some mosquito around your day visit at Bali Safari Marine park. you need it for day safari and night safari too.
  6. Camera; need to bring as you can take photo with some animal and catch your visit moment with your family.
  7. Video Camera; also can bring if you want make a documentation once your day visit at Bali Safari.
  8. Baby Stroller, you may bring if you come with your baby, if you want rented at Bali Safari Park, you may rented here with reasonable price.
  9. Wheel Chair also can bring into Bali Safari & marine park visit if you come with Older member who need it, as Bali Safari park has access for wheel chair.
  10. Baby Food need bring with you like milk and baby porridge. But Adult food and drinks are not allowed to bring in.

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Meet Indonesia’s Native Animal at Bali Safari Park

Thousands of animals currently living in Bali Safari Park. They are from more than 100 different species from all around the world.

One of the main attraction offered by Bali Safari Park that you cannot find somewhere else is its collection of Indonesia’s native animal.

One of the most popular is Komodo dragon, which naturally only exist in one place, in Komodo Island.

What To Bring On Bali Safari Park Visit? 2

Komodo dragon known as a big lizard with strong body and venom on its saliva. This lizard also believed to be the close relative of the ancient animal dinosaurs.

Another native animal you can find is Orang Utan. This big primate with red-brownish fur is originally live around Sumatra and Borneo archipelago.

Deforestation and illegal hunting made this friendly animal currently face a major decrease in population.

Another native animal exist here is Sumatran tiger. Unlike some of its relative from Asia and Africa, Sumatran tigers are considered smaller in size.

Sadly it is also face the same problem as Orang Utan, decreasing forest size due to industrialization have threat the existence of this type of tiger.

Another unique animal is a bird that only exist in Bali named Bali Starling. This beautiful bird can be easily recognized by its white feathers with blue mark around its eyes.

Originally this bird only can be found in the north Bali and currently also face the trouble of decreasing in number of population.

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Night Safari at Bali Safari Park

Another unique attraction you can find at Bali Safari Park is the Night Safari. Unlike the daytime safari, in Night Safari you can meet a selection of nocturnal animal that usually sleep during daytime.

During your visit you will be able to see African animals, such as lion, tiger, zebras, and giraffe enjoying their nighttime.

During your time enjoying Night Safari you will accommodated with Bali Safari Park’s African-inspired accommodation.

This gives you a new and unique experience to enjoy night time with family or friends.

Consider all the experiences, there’s no wonder that Night Safari became one of Bali Safari Park’s signature package.

So are you ready to spend an unforgettable night at Bali Safari Park?