What to Do at Night in Ubud and Surrounding

Legong dance at Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud is Bali’s spiritual and cultural heart and the place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. After a great day in this lovely town, surrounded by rivers and tropical jungles, it’s time for a night exploration of Ubud and surrounding area. There’s plenty to do and see, you just have to know where you can go.

Below are some of our highlights for late night activities in Ubud and its surroundings:

Ubud Royal Palace, watch traditional dance

Every night at 7.30 pm in the Royal Ubud Palace right in the town centre, something magical is happening. You can pick up your tickets outside from your street vendor, practice your business and ready to enjoy the delightful traditional Balinese Legong Dance. Music, colors, movements— it’s an exciting experience for both young and old, and something you don’t want to miss during your Ubud stay!

What to Do at Night in Ubud and Surrounding 1

Ubud Royal Palace was originally built in the 1800s in the center of the town and still houses the royal family in certain sections. The place is also known as Puri Saren Agung and is open to the public throughout the evenings with traditional dances like royal Legong Dance.

Kecak fired dance performance at the temple in Junjungan village after sunset.

Paradiso Ubud, watch movie

In the middle of city, Paradiso Ubud is a raw vegan health food cafe and theater. Maybe you can see what’s played in the cinema after a delicious vegan dinner. The world’s first organic, vegetarian and vegan cinema, Paradiso is completed with an HD projector, 25-meter sound system and a comfortable lounge area, which accommodates up to 150 people. Get your beverages and GMO-free popcorn, get comfortable and appreciate your family and buddies for an afternoon of full blown film amusement. Paradiso also organizes workshops, live bands festivals, family nights and more.

Laughing Buddha Bar, live music at night

Laughing Buddha Bar
Laughing Buddha Bar

Ubud draws a creative public, including the finest local artists, as the cultural centre of Bali. Many cafes and restaurants give live music shows. One of them is Laughing Buddha Bar. Enjoy your favourite beverage as the skilled local artists in Ubud play live music at night such as jazz and blues. The menu includes Asian and Mediterranean cuisine and is remarkable for its noodle soup. The bar is conveniently situated along Monkey Forest Road and numerous other stores in the neighborhood.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant, memorable dinner

Tsavo Lion Restaurant
Memorable dinner at Tsavo Lion Restaurant

At Tsavo Lion Restaurant in the complex of the Bali Safari Park, not so far from Ubud, guests can book a table for a special evening dinner, a memorable one. Because a magnificent view of the Lions is provided to guests from the large glass panels which separate the restaurant from the exhibition.

This distinctive restaurant is situated next to the Bali Safari Lions Exhibit.

Bali Safari Park, Night Safari

Do you want to have an exciting adventure at night? Come visit Bali Safari Park in the evening. The Night Safari is an integrated package from Bali Safari Park which provides tourists with multiple sights and activities. This involves a Night Safari journey where guests travel on a specially constructed tram (cage) which brings them to the animal’s habitats.

fire dance
Fire dance performance at Bali Safari Park

The Fire Dance performance and dinner are also available at the in-house restaurant within the park.

More information about Night Safari package, click here.

There are many events and attractions in Ubud and the vicinity to see after sunset.

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